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  1. Adopt-a-Stream Kriste Lindberg, Education Specialist Sara Stonaha, Education Specialist City of Bloomington

  2. Adopt-a-Stream • The Adopt-a-Stream program utilizes volunteers to conduct water quality monitoring, do storm drain marking, and cleanups/workdays. • It is an opportunity for • volunteers to get involved • with taking care of their • natural environment. • The program encourages • community ownership • and expands existing • resources. City of Bloomington

  3. Why did we choose this project? • There’s a need! • The IDNR recently “lost” the Adopt-a-River program due to funding restrictions. • It fits in well with our existing citizen scientist programs such as Adopt-a-Trail and Storm Drain Marking and incorporating Hoosier Riverwatch. • This is a pilot project and we will be creating a state-wide program for other municipalities and organizations to model after. • We’ve found an opportunity and are running with it… City of Bloomington

  4. Timeline • We have created a timeline City of Bloomington

  5. Accomplishments • Accomplishments along the timeline include: • Working on pilot projects in the City of • Bloomington to base Adopt-a-Stream on. • Pilot projects: Cascades Creek (Ivy Tech), • Clear Creek (Indiana University) City of Bloomington

  6. Accomplishments, continued • Accomplishments along the timeline include: • Continue tailoring project as a boiler-plate for other municipalities and groups to use while creating our official program (based upon the existing Adopt-a-Trail program) • Web site rough draft • Orientation agenda rough draft City of Bloomington

  7. Still to come, In the future, we will: • Continue to update “Adopt-a-Stream Application Packet” and “Adopt-a-Stream Organizing a Cleanup” manual and related forms with City of Bloomington Legal Department, City of Bloomington Utilities Department, and Monroe County, and Hoosier Riverwatch • Activate the web site • •  Finalize orientation agenda • Initiate outreach to recruit participants City of Bloomington

  8. Still to come, In the future, we will: • Provide orientation • Meet with participants on site at streams • Train volunteers to Hoosier Riverwatch Workshop • Train volunteers to storm drain marking • Launch Adopt-a-Stream logo contest in public schools during the Fall 2012 semester City of Bloomington

  9. Still to come, In the future, we will: • Work with Indiana University students on video during the Fall 2012 semester • Release completed “boilerplate” to other municipalities and organizations • Serve as resource for participating municipalities and organizations • Launch Facebook page (with approval) City of Bloomington

  10. Considerations • If you are interested in adapting our program for your use here are some points to consider in advance: • Building a Strong Program • Do you currently have some type of citizen scientist or adopt-a-something program established? Should this program be “fine-tuned” before taking on another program? • Assess Your Staffing Resources • Can you or other staff train and monitor volunteer activities? • Try It, Before You Buy Into it • Can you run your own “pilot projects” to determine if and how you need to modify Adopt-a-Stream to fit into your department or fill a need? City of Bloomington

  11. Adopt-a-Stream • We wish to thank the following: City of Bloomington Hoosier Riverwatch Indiana Department of Natural Resources Indiana University Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy Ivy Tech Monroe County City of Bloomington

  12. Kriste “Crappie” Lindberg Education Specialist Sara “Sunfish” Stonaha Education Specialist City of Bloomington

  13. ?’s City of Bloomington