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Indus Technologies Netherlands India T echnology Business and Project Consultancy for Process Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Indus Technologies Netherlands India T echnology Business and Project Consultancy for Process Industry

Indus Technologies Netherlands India T echnology Business and Project Consultancy for Process Industry

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Indus Technologies Netherlands India T echnology Business and Project Consultancy for Process Industry

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  1. About Indus Technologies Opportunities for European and Indian Businesses Indus TechnologiesNetherlands IndiaTechnology Business and Project Consultancyfor Process Industry

  2. About Indus Technologies Technology, Business and KPO Consultancy Europe India Project Development and Project Services Indus is a Technology and Business Consultancy In The Process Industry Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  3. Presentation focus • For European enterprises interested in India • For Indian companies interested in Europe • Technology Marketing, Technology Business Development • Acquisitions, new ventures, business support • High end services outsourcing, KPO,Continuous optimization of Process plants • Project Conceptualization, Development Project Conceptualization, Project Development and project support services in India and Europe Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  4. What do we do at Indus • We provide high end business, technology and project development consultancy and management services • We assist EU and Indian technology companies to realize market opportunities in India and EU • Through our “Balanced Resourcing” model we help clients derive maximum benefits from KPO and high end business process outsourcing Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  5. New context, new opportunities for EU and Indian companies • Structural changes in global economy • Rapid growth and modernization in India • New paradigms in outsourcing across European/US economy • Drivers for new business • Competition, cost , availability of skills, volumes • Push - Competitive pressures, survival, graying • Pull - Increasing harmonization of practices, communication, globalization, global standards and work practices • Facilitators • Proven service delivery models - less risk • Sophistication & globalization of suppliers - better value • Increasing client acceptance – less resistance Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  6. Indus Core Capabilities INDUS • Technology / Projects • Technology • Manage tech projects • Technology marketing • Licensing and partnership • Project development • Project scope development • Strategies & Feasibilities • Conceptual design and execution support • EU-India business • Business Consulting – • Market Development • Relationship management • Project development • Project definition • Implementation support • High end outsourcing • Technology centric services • Value added components and sub-systems Local Partners Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  7. Process Industries Expertise Refinery Petrochemicals Bulk Chemicals Fine chemicals Food Ingredients API / intermediates Utilities Water/Wastewater Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  8. Some partners and associates… • Ingenero Inc. • High end process engineering in Process Industry • IPOG solution for operating excellence • Bodec BV • Technology consultancy for food, biotech and pharma industries • Engineering companies (several) • Basic engg. , EPC if required • Fabricators and manufacturers (several) • Value added equipment and systems Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  9. Current projects and clients • In partnership with Ingenero Inc. for high end services in process industry • TOTAL PETROCHEMIE, Gonfreville France – IPOG for Butadiene unit • TESSENDERLO, Belgium – Building a Strategic Planning and Decision Support Model for 15 units, 5 locations • TECHNOLOGY LICENSOR UK- Basic design of methanol plant • Commissioning support in Indonesia Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  10. Technology and equipment from India Snapshot of Dryer project in the Netherlands • Challenging project for new product manufacture • Project > 10 m Euro, order >1.2 m Euro • Located in North of NL • 3 way cooperation between Indus, Dutch Technology company and Indian plant supplier • Fast track project with Dutch and Indian components • Indus involved from day 1, developed strategies, participating in all discussions, negotiations • Indus supporting implementations till start-up Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  11. Other new initiatives • New Dutch technology for manufacturing high value cement utilizing >70% coal fly ash and other waste materials in a high temperature process • Indus/client studying Indian market • Know-how and high end services of Dutch partner in food, agro product industry • Indus/client evaluating JV for Indian market Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  12. Indus in Water Sector • Active for many years in business and NGO sector • Closely involved in promoting India- NL cooperation in water sector • Organized Indo Dutch water meet in Feb 2007 on water recycle and reuse technologies • Founder member of “India NL water platform” • Market scan underway • Mission of NL co’s in late 2007 • Consulting several Dutch co’s planning to enter Indian market • Close contact with NWP and other organizations Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  13. Indus is not a matchmaker ! • We do not • Merely bring people together • Be representatives and a post box • Act as an body shopping agency • We offer • Hands on, long term partnership with shared interests • Knowledge based interface • Business consultancy to find balanced resourcing model for each case Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  14. Indus Technologies Technology and KPO Consultancy

  15. Outsourcing– A strategic imperative Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  16. Offshore resourcing in India • Drivers • Lower costs • Leverage your core resources • Flexibility in resourcing • Quicker turn around (24 x 7 possible) • Shorten time to market • Often, better quality • Access younger, committed and enthusiastic workforce Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  17. Offshoring opportunities • Opportunities for the Process Industry are many • Services • Science based services – RnD, product and process development • Various types of engineering activities • Applied IT, ITES, automation, documentation, etc • Manufacturing • Chemicals, APIs, ingredients • High value components • Sophisticated sub assemblies and equipment Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  18. Offshoring – key to win win ! • Some success factors • It is plain old communication • Right partner - spot the jewel on a shining mirror • Contracts are no guarantee; • understanding, trust and relentless monitoring are • Planning and structuring are crucial • Keep in view total perspective • Assimilate, not cut and paste “…proper managing… the key to outsourcing success…” Gartner, Tufts and other gurus Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  19. Indus – Technology services & KPO Consultancy • Strategy and business planning • Plans evaluation, validation, feasibility • Structuring and developing tech projects • Develop implementation strategy • Selecting right partners • Developing contract and service delivery models • Hold hands through implementation Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  20. KPO example- Ingenero in the process industry • Continuous operations support (IPOGTM Solution) • Process Engineering projects • Front end engineering packages • Simulation model building • Optimization studies • Planning and Scheduling • Process operations • Feed • APC review & implementation • Energy audit & utilities review • Debottlenecking studies, retrofit engineering Delivered to process industry in France, UK, Belgium USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  21. What is IPOGTM? Intelligent Process Operations Guidance Solution • A Service with three elements: • Experienced, Process Engineering and Computing resources • State-of-the-art Software Technology using proprietary Statistical Techniques • Information Technology to remotely monitor, analyze and interpret plant operations data daily • Offsite Technical Staff supported by a local Technical Support professional • Plant data gathered 24x7x365, analyzed daily • Customized reports with actionable information transmitted to the plant 7/365 • The service is “turn key” • All installation, configuration and long term maintenance is provided by Ingenero Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  22. The S curve and the arrow of time and need for continuous improvement Innovation (business/technology) Time Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  23. What all can I outsource? Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  24. Indus Technologies Project Development and Front End Services

  25. Indus Through Project Lifecycle Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  26. Good front end definition is critical to a successful project • Effort and time invested in properly developing a project ensures time completion and within budget • Availability of limited information makes project definition a challenging task • Good front end definition needs judiciously combining technical and commercial information, multidisciplinary inputs and correct “feel” • With our vast experience of different types of major and small projects, Indus offers the right project development skills Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  27. Indus support for project development • Indus works with clients from project conception through early stages of a project- scope definition, pre feasibility, internal and external DPR, final feasibility and implementation strategies • Indus and partners provide cost estimation support, financial engineering of a project and develop implementation plans and schedules • Indus provides value engineering expertise at different stages for evaluating options, cutting costs and developing an optimum project scope Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  28. Indus Technologies India Business for EU Clients

  29. Indus and India business • Decades of hands on experience in Indian process industry • Familiarity with work processes • Knowledge of culture, places, people, business practices • View as seen through European eyes • Own resources in India and several partnerships • Contacts Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  30. India – an unprecedented opportunity • Fast growing (9.4 % in 2006/7) market • Middle class of 250 million with high purchasing power • Stable currency, low inflation • Low political & economic risks • Legal and contractual safeguards • Internationally oriented business practices • Vast reserves of skilled and educated manpower; English language; attractive price/quality proposition Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  31. The Indian economy • Drivers are growth, globalization & geopolitics • Open, market driven economy • Mature democracy, established legal, banking and other systems • Hungry middle class of 300 + million; young, ambitious , hardworking people • Average disposable income growing at > 10+ % • Globally integrated- international tastes and aspirations • Many parts still at low end of development • Income and wealth distribution is skewed Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  32. The great Indian bazaar • “Anything under the sun sells !” • Direct Investment in various sectors • Indirect investment into financial markets • Technology licensing, projects sales • Specialist services and consultancy • Collaboration – • NL as global / European gateway • 3rd Country projects / JVs Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  33. Indus Technologies European Business for Indian Clients

  34. New Europe – big potential market • Big market with huge purchasing power growing at 2-3 % • New economies promise even more growth • Safe, reliable, predictable and stable • Fast graying populations and severe skills shortage • Traditional but now more open to international business • Complex and diverse – cultures, languages, business practices Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  35. European opportunities for Indian Companies • Services, particularly higher value added services • Traditional BPO, newer concepts in BPO and KPO • Export of engineered systems and hardware • Source of technology and know how • JV opportunity for 3rd country projects • Europe as an entry point for global business Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  36. Indus and EU business • Decades of hands on experience in European process industry – Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Scandinavia, UK, Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary • Local contacts and relationships • Offers unique combination of technical, commercial and business capabilities • Specialist resources as required – legal, logistics, contracting etc. • Familiarity with local laws, regulations (PED, CE marking, environmental practices etc) Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  37. Indus and EU business • Develop business opportunities, strategies and business plans in Europe • Identify, evaluate and set up suitable alliances or acquisition opportunities and assist their execution • Provide continuing business support, liaison services and relationships management • Source suitable technology and know how for individual projects • Provide project implementation support e.g. project management, local procurement Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  38. Final Word- Why Indus? • We combine technology and business approaches • We know business processes in our industries • We know business practices in NL and India • We understand ethics and cultures in India and NL • We have resources and partners in India and NL • We respect confidentiality and value your time Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  39. Recap - What can we do together with you? • Technology Marketing, Technology Business Development • Acquisitions, new ventures in India or Europe • Continuous optimization of Process plants • High end services outsourcing, KPO • Project Conceptualization, Development We look forward to hearing from you. Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge

  40. Thank you! Ravi Jambagi Indus Technologies (Netherlands) BV Cartesiuslaan 16 2341 AN Oegstgeest Phone 00 31 6188 45154 Facilitating the Flow of Knowledge