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Bud Vases

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Bud Vases

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  1. Bud Vases Original by Linda Rist Modified by Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office June, 2002

  2. Bud Vases Tall, narrow container with a small neck designed to hold one or a small number of flowers Quick and easy to make and are modestly priced Popular with customers

  3. Bud Vases Excellent for hospital flowers and holidays such as Valentine’s day. Made of various materials and come in variety of shapes

  4. Bud Vases Some of the most popular materials are clear glass, silver, milk glass, colored glass, plastic, pottery and china The cheaper glass and plastic vases are the most popular is shops

  5. Bud Vases More expensive vases increase the cost of the arrangement Customers who are willing to pay the additional cost usually chose a different type of arrangement

  6. Bud Vases Expensive bud vases are often purchased by the customer and kept in the home and used many times The color of the vase should harmonize with the flower colors

  7. Bud Vases The neck of the vase may vary in size to accommodate varying numbers of flowers Choose a vase with the size neck to accommodate the number of flowers you plan to use

  8. Bud Vases Roses and Carnations with baby’s breath are the most popular flowers used in bud vases

  9. Bud Vases Seasonal flowers may be used: Iris and daffodils- Spring Standard mums Gladioli

  10. Bud Vases The bud vase may need to be weighted with marbles or gravel to hold these heavier flowers up Foliage for bud vases Compliments the flowers and helps to hide the mechanics if any are used

  11. Foliage Helps hold flowers in place Leatherleaf-popular when vase will be seen from one side only. When the vase will be viewed form many sides, other foliages, such as ming, plumosa and sprengeri are more appropriate

  12. Foliage Some foliage such as eucalyptus, huckleberry, and scotch broom may be used to contribute to the distinctive design of the bud vase,

  13. Accessories Bows and other accessories are common Such as shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, hearts, butterflies, birds etc.