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Vote to REJECT Cuts to AFC PowerPoint Presentation
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Vote to REJECT Cuts to AFC

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Vote to REJECT Cuts to AFC
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Vote to REJECT Cuts to AFC

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  1. Vote to REJECT Cuts to AFC Unite Ballot March 2014

  2. Decision facing members • The Welsh Government are proposing cuts to the Agenda for Change terms and conditions. Change will take effect from 1st May 2014 if accepted. • All Unite members will have the opportunity to vote in a members ballot • The outcome of the ballot will be Unite’s national (Welsh) position

  3. What are the proposed changes • Sickness will be paid at the basic rate of pay as opposed to the enhanced rate. • All incremental progression will be dependent on successfully passing an appraisal. • Preceptorship – the accelerated incremental progression for new starters on band 5 will end. • Mileage will change from its current rate (67 pence per mile in most cases, 34 pence per mile for on-call) for the first 3500 miles to 45 pence per mile for the first 10000 miles.

  4. These proposals are for three years – what happens then? • Negotiations will reopen in April 2016 with Welsh Government • There may be a new government in Westminster by 2015 – what government and what policies? • May result in a change may not – Welsh government may still require same savings

  5. Why is this happening? • Funding from Central Government to the Welsh Government has been cut in real terms; it is 11.7% lower in real terms than in was in 2010/11 • There will be no increase in funding but the costs experienced by the NHS will go up around 4 to 5 % each year. This equates to 240 to 300 million per year that needs to be found

  6. Could the situation have been worse? • Potentially • Pay freezes, reduction in holidays, cuts to weekend enhancements were all originally on the table • Thanks to union negotiations worst has been held off • No guarantee that these issues will not resurface later • Remember there have been pay freezes / below inflation pay rises in the NHS in Wales since 2006

  7. Is there more to come? • Very likely • Not all the savings required have been achieved through the proposals • No decision on the 2014 pay increase • LHB’s have to save 180 – 240 million in consultation with local trade unions

  8. Is there an alternative? • Unite believes there is: • Sickness costs – 0.25% improvement in sickness would result in a saving of £2 million • Fully utilise the skills of AfC staff rather than employ locum doctors • Unite presented list of 19 cost saving measures to the Welsh Government • Place more of the burden on those who have the “broadest shoulders” (Doctors, VSM etc)

  9. The other unions • Only Unite, GMB and SCP are recommending rejection • RCM are recommending acceptance • All the others are not recommending • Only Unite, Unison and GMB are conducting a OMOV ballot in the traditional sense • The BMA are subject to different terms and condition and therefore different negotiations. They have decided to withdraw from any negotiations and therefore will have changes imposed on their members • The joint unions will analyse their results on April 28th and come to a joint position

  10. Ballot details • Ballot will open March 26th 2014 • Ballot will close April 25th 2014 • Every Unite member working in the NHS prior to April 18th 2014 is eligible to vote • The ballot result will be determined by a simple majority • If you do not receive a ballot paper after March 31st please contact 02920 394 521

  11. What happens if Unite reject the proposals and vote yes to action • Request a reopening of negotiations • Plan local protests, demonstrations, media opportunities etc. • Consult with branch officials and regional committee on strategy for action • Factors to consider are size of turn out, margin of ballot result and other unions stance

  12. What will Welsh Government’s response be? • Welsh government have stated if a resolution cannot be reached then the whole responsibility for the savings will be devolved to the LHBs to make the savings • This will need to be done through negotiations on a local basis • This will need to happen regardless due to the savings required from the LHBs

  13. What can you do? • Vote to reject as soon as you get your ballot paper • Organise a local meeting • Distribute Unite literature to colleagues • Encourage colleagues not in Unite to join Unite so they can vote • Encourage colleagues who are in Unite to vote to reject the cuts

  14. Any questions? • Local rep contact details: • Regional Contact: Richard Munn • ( or 02920 394 521)