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“This quote captures my feelings:      ‘Here is my secret   

“I have never seen any other important policy issue move as fast from statewide deliberations to sound policy as Maryland’s PT3 Project did with the MTTS!  Furthermore, Act Two – MTTS Online – is now in performance with rave reviews!  Congratulations to all involved!” Virginia Pilato

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“This quote captures my feelings:      ‘Here is my secret   

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  1. “I have never seen any other important policy issue move as fast from statewide deliberations to sound policy as Maryland’s PT3 Project did with the MTTS!  Furthermore, Act Two – MTTS Online – is now in performance with rave reviews!  Congratulations to all involved!” Virginia Pilato Director of Certification and Accreditation Maryland State Department of Education

  2. “This quote captures my feelings:      ‘Here is my secret      I carry you in my heart.             e. e. cummings’” Susan Arisman Dean Emerita Frostburg State University Chair, PT3 Steering Committee

  3. “In my 40 years in education, the two PT3 grants have been the most satisfying, innovative and fun projects I have worked on. We formed a wonderful consortium of colleagues, and this group has accomplished more than we could imagine in infusing technology in the higher education curriculum and classes for teacher candidates. The videos of Maryland teachers using a variety of technology to instruct K-12 students have been another highlight of the grant. The grants have made an impact on Maryland education that should last a long time.” Louise A. Tanney Director of PT3 Grant – 1999 and 2003 Maryland State Department of Education

  4. “Ms. Barbara Reeves, former Director of Instructional Technology, called me at my school and  invited me to come to MSDE to discuss coordinating a statewide project in technology. I accepted the invitation and within a week I was meeting with Louise Tanney and  Barbara.  The energy they brought to the project was incredible, and I knew this was an opportunity I should accept. What a difference a phone call made!” Liz Neal PT3 Grant Coordinator, 1999 - 2007 Maryland State Department of Education

  5. “We think that our development, implementation, and constant revision of our electronic portfolio system have been the most significant benefit that came from PT3.  Also, we are grateful to the project because it allowed us to take the time to actually learn how to embed technology into our classes, and to be able to talk with each other about how we could most effectively and appropriately weave our own use of technology and expectations for students’ use of it throughout our program.” Lois Stover Associate Provost for Academic Services St. Mary’s College of Maryland

  6. "PT3 has provided the standards and resources to help teachers and students understand the importance of using instructional technology effectively. Instructional technology has added an excitement to learning, and PT3 has added to that excitement.” Gerald F. Day, Coordinator of Graduate Studies Department of Technology University of Maryland Eastern Shore Baltimore Museum of Industry

  7. “With the PT3 funding the College of Notre Dame of Maryland was able to develop and implement electronic documentation to assess candidates on MTTS via the e-portfolio process.  We designed an introductory course that familiarized all candidates with the standards and then continued to build in additional artifacts and assessment throughout their program.    We know that through this process grant and our own efforts we have been able to implement the seven standards throughout the program.  We are confident that our candidates can meet the technology demands required of them as they enter the teaching profession.” Diane Davis Chair, Education Department College of Notre Dame of Maryland

  8. “Being a member of the PT3 consortium has been an unique opportunity to share expertise, resources, and effort to serve all stakeholders. It has been a joy working with such talented members and visionary leadership. This group of professionals was both a learning community and a productive work team. Our faculty and teacher candidates have benefited from the careful and impressive work in the development of the MTTS.” Linda Oliva Assistant Professor University of Maryland Baltimore County

  9. “I was thrilled to be part of Hood’s PT3 journey. While I have transitioned to a new position as the Associate Dean of the Graduate School, I will take lessons learned with me -- and never forget that a strong purpose a strong passion to enhance teacher preparation programs’ infusion of technology and the power of committed people can make a vision come true!” Kathleen Bands Associate Dean of the Graduate School Hood College

  10. “The PT3 program has had a huge impact on programs at Salisbury University. MTTS elevated the importance of teaching with technology and, as a result, SU faculty increased their own technology literacy; programs created courses in educational technology as well as integration throughout programs; and interns were required to demonstrate skill in integration of technology. Through my seven years with PT3, I was able to witness some of my most skeptic SU colleagues,who believed that technology was a nice add-on, becoming some of the most ardent supporters. As a department, we've moved to use of electronic portfolios, electronic data collection, handhelds, course management systems, the Internet, and instructional software to improve instruction.” Regina Royer Associate Professor, Educational Technology Salisbury University

  11. “The PT3 program has had a great impact on Wicomico County teachers and interns. Being able to offer professional development to student interns on the technology that their teachers are using, has been extremely valuable.” Carla Hurchalla, Coordinator of Instructional Technology Wicomico County Public Schools

  12. “The collaboration among the partners in the PT3 Consortium has resulted in accomplishments that significantly benefit PreK-12 educators and students, as well as teacher candidates in Maryland. The development of the Maryland Teacher Technology Standards has been the catalyst for the development of the Maryland Technology Literacy Standards for Students and the Maryland Technology Standards for School Administrators (draft), standards that are critical if we are going to ensure that our students have the present and future they deserve.” • Jayne Moore • Director of Instructional Technology and • School Library Media • Maryland State Department of Education

  13. “The MTTS Online website is a powerful tool for helping teachers and other key stakeholders understand what our state standards really mean. The video components, in particular, help our professional development team members share concrete examples of how technology benefits learning and teaching. I wish you could see the enthusiasm of our technology coordinators and teachers when they visit this site! To help promote its use, we now link to it from the Standards area of our Instructional Technology website.” Sheila LoCastro, Instructional Technology Specialist Prince George’s County Public Schools

  14. “In 1998 when I began providing technology professional development, computer labs stood empty and school secretaries dusted their keyboards. Now, teachers fight for the labs and secretaries cringe when the lights flicker; dust doesn’t have time to settle on those keyboards anymore!”  Colleen Eisenbeiser Director, TEACH Institute Anne Arundel Community College

  15. “The PT3 Grant at Goucher College resulted in upgraded technology courses, documented student work in electronic portfolios, and 95% of students obtaining a proficient score on their use of technology in instructional units and assessment.” Phyllis Sunshine Director, Graduate Programs in Education Timothy Dangel Program Evaluator Goucher College

  16. “As part of our work with the PT3 project, Johns Hopkins University continues to prepare pre-service teachers with high level professional development opportunities focused on data-driven decision-making to inform instruction and the integration of assistive technology to increase access of students with disabilities to the general education curriculum. Resources used to help teachers effectively plan instruction for all students are the Class Profile Matrix and an Assistive Technology Considerations Module.” Linda Carling Program Coordinator for Research and Development Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education

  17. "The MTTS Standards have been fully merged into the secondary education certification program as part of course activities that allow students to demonstrate proficiency in the standards without increasing course activities. Students in the secondary education program take a Technology Survey that was developed as part of the grant at the beginning, middle, and end of the program to assess the student's perception of his/her technology skills.” Merrill E. Fisher Associate Professor and Coordinator of Secondary Education Hood College

  18. “At Wor-Wic Community College, the PT3 grant funded a position to • help establish and organize a learning environment for • students to develop computer skills; • coordinate an introductory computer course required for • many programs, including all education transfer degrees; • identify needs for technology training and assessing students’ • technology skills using skills assessment software; • This position was supported by the grant for three years and later converted to a full-time position with the college. Also, because of the grant funding, we were able to add a project to the introductory computer course that guided students in creating web sites to communicate electronically to a specific audience.” • Ricki Harrington, Associate Professor of Office • and Computer Studies • Wendy Postles, Computer Lab Coordinator • Wor-Wic Community College

  19. "The PT3 project had a lasting impact on our program at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Our involvement in PT3 helped us to examine, evaluate and further improve our early childhood teacher education program in the area of technology.  The work that our team did with PT3 has become a transparent part of our program and has been effectively institutionalized.  On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the PT3 project.  It was very rewarding to work with such exceptional educators from across the state."  Lea Ann Christenson ECE PDS Coordinator University of Maryland, College Park

  20. “Since the introduction of the Maryland Teacher Technology Standards and performance assessments, Educational candidates have increased their knowledge and proficiency in using technology in education.   The candidates at Villa Julie College have become more aware of the value of integrating technology when planning for and teaching digital students as well as increasing their own skills in using technology for their professional goals and for life long learning.”   Bonnie Kuncl Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Education Villa Julie College

  21. “The Maryland Teacher Technology Standards help to ensure that all students and teachers are effective users of ideas and information by setting goals and describing the skills required to achieve them.” Gail Bailey Director, School Library Media Programs Montgomery County Public Schools

  22. “Some grant projects accomplish what they set out to do. Few, however, actually exceed those expectations. PT3 is one of those rare exceptions. The Maryland Consortium has shown what outstanding, visionary leadership and dedicated, talented partners can accomplish. What a significant contribution the Consortium has made to the effective use of technology in Maryland classrooms!” Barbara Reeves Assistant Coordinator of PT3 Maryland State Department of Education

  23. “PT times 3 =     Powerful technology                        Peerless teaching                        Positively terrific!!” The MACRO Evaluation Team: Helene Jennings, Vice President Edith Stevens, Senior Project Manager Kate Rohrbaugh, Senior Project Manager

  24. “If technology is the future, the future is now.  PT3 represents the best in grants’ potential: developing and disseminating best practices that have a direct impact on teaching and learning.  Congratulations and thanks are due the many participants in this tremendously successful consortium, for their work will continue well beyond the conclusion of this grant. John E. Smeallie Assistant State Superintendent Division of Certification and Accreditation Maryland State Department of Education

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