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Evaluative Content versus Informative Content

Evaluative Content versus Informative Content. This file is intended to be run in Slide Show mode; its notes are in the relevant section of this week’s Posting file, and should be available at the same time. Evaluative versus Informative Content: Explanation.

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Evaluative Content versus Informative Content

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  1. Evaluative ContentversusInformative Content This file is intended to be run in Slide Show mode; its notes are in the relevant section of this week’s Posting file,and should be available at the same time.

  2. Evaluative versus Informative Content: Explanation • The first sentence of each pair displays evaluative content. • The second displays only informative content • They are notequivalent, because empirical information is different from subjective judgment. • Neither is better—they are only different.

  3. Evaluative versus Informative Content:Examples 1. Everyone has to wait in line for hours at the beginning of the semester. The length of bookstore line-ups has been the focus of the security department’s recent report. 2. Finding a parking space was hard enough; now they’re making us keep a collection of loonies and toonies. The parking meters now accept only $1 or $2 coins. 3. Getting parking tickets is a real nuisance. The number of parking tickets already issued this year exceeds the number issued throughout last year.

  4. Examples, part 2 4. Having to fill out a five-page form is outrageous. Jones’ opinion is that a five-page registration form is outrageous. 5. What a great suggestion! I am sure it will really help us reach the right conclusion. Your suggestion has, so far, been approved by eight of the 13 directors on the board. 6. I strongly suggest that serious problems be reported to the authorities. Company policy dictates that all infractions be reported within 48 hours to the Security Office.

  5. Examples, part 3 7. Parking is expensive for students. The posted parking rate for students is $4.50 per hour. 8. Reserved parking always has empty spaces. The building manager’s report indicated that, on average, 10% of parking spots were unoccupied before noon during the work week. 9. Students can’t afford these prices: they rely on student loans and money they earn from their low-paying part-time jobs. Statistics Canada’s figures show that, in 2009, 45% of full-time, post-secondary students in Canada applied for student loans, and that 80% of those applicants indicated that they already held part-time jobs in the food service sector.

  6. Examples, part 4 10. Students want to arrive at least 20–30 minutes before class starts. Three times this week, I have passed by our classroom at least 20 minutes before class, and have observed at least three of my classmates in the hall. 11. Texts are produced in really small numbers, while novels are printed in the millions. Canadian publishers report an average annual print run of 1200 for college textbooks, versus an analogous run of 3500 for “best seller” fiction books. 12. That is an appalling percentage. The increase amounted to 54% over one month.

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