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NJUNS Update For OJUA Presented by Tami Katzmarek April 23, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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NJUNS Update For OJUA Presented by Tami Katzmarek April 23, 2008

NJUNS Update For OJUA Presented by Tami Katzmarek April 23, 2008

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NJUNS Update For OJUA Presented by Tami Katzmarek April 23, 2008

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Presentation Transcript

  1. NJUNS Update For OJUA Presented by Tami Katzmarek April 23, 2008 NJUNS Update For OJUA Presented by Tami Katzmarek April 23, 2008

  2. What’s New by Tami Katzmarek April 23, 2008

  3. New Look on the Web!

  4. Additional Features Added • Road name and house number fields in ticket header • Pole Coordinate fields in header and job steps • More searchable fields • Company defined fields – customizable • Pole Transfer ticket grouping into projects • Dynamic Mapping • Work management system integration enabling batch ticket creation • Auto-complete fields to eliminate data entry errors

  5. New Fields on Tickets

  6. Company Defined Fields Up to 20 separate company definable fields for work management system integration and specialized information not currently listed on the ticket.

  7. Action Item Grouping All ticket action items are grouped in one common area.

  8. Reporting Capabilities • NJUNS currently delivers report information several different formats (XML, CSV, TIFF, PDF, Web Archive, Excel). • The data is easily imported into Excel or Access for user customizable reports and charts. • Additional reporting functions are continually being evaluated for deployment.

  9. Reliability • Since its inception, NJUNS has maintained nearly 600,000 tickets without any data loss. • NJUNS is averaging 4000-4500 e-mail transmissions daily. New email delivery failure notice on ticket view. • NJUNS servers are located in a co-location facility in Carrollton, GA on diverse fiber optic rings with redundant internet service providers. 100% backup power provided by generator at the building.

  10. Reliability • Offsite data backup storage utilizing nightly backups via LiveVault by Iron Mountain, Inc. A seven day running library of backed up data is available in the event of a database issue. • Weekly database backup to a separate local hard drive. • Program backup stored in a safety deposit box at a local bank.

  11. The Future of NJUNS The Sky’s The Limit! Because our membership determines our course of action, based on the needs of the utility community, we control our own future.

  12. Planned Enhancements • Additional features and reporting capabilities are being continually reviewed by the Technology Committee. • Work Management System Integration utilizing Web Services to enable two-way updates between NJUNS and your work management system.

  13. Other Programs Available to OJUA

  14. Joint Trench • Designed to solicit partners and to coordinate multiple occupant trench projects. • Ticket creation is similar to Pole transfer. • It can track all aspects of the project from Initial Contact to Final Billing.

  15. Project Notification • Project Notification is a broadcast notification to registered facility owners, both aerial and buried, by county for the entire state. • Notification receipt determined by individual utility whether to accept notices for aerial, buried or both types of projects. • Allows interaction between utility companies interested in participating in large or sensitive projects. • Provides reminder to members for a no response condition half-way to the information due date.

  16. Example of Project Notification Ticket

  17. Oversize Load Move • Designed to follow regulations enacted in GA covering all moves greater in size than standard AASHTOguidelines for non-permitted vehicles, but is customizable to work with other state’s guidelines. • Like Project Notification, it is a broadcast notification to all affected aerial facility owners along the predetermined route. • Allows interaction between utilities and permitting agencies prior to a scheduled move. • To date, it has handled over 1500 house moves.

  18. Example of Oversize Load Ticket

  19. QUESTIONS? Efficient Utility Communication

  20. For More Information Contact: Roy Beavers 404-633-1598 Chris Benefield 770-838-1496 Thank You! Efficient Utility Communication