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hair loss - a widespread problem

Are you suffering from hair loss? If yes, you need to check out the reasons of it. Hair loss can be because of ageing, hereditary, allergy, surgery etc. After knowing the correct reason, it will be easier to cure it. You can apply home remedies else opt for different surgical /non-surgical procedures. To know more about hair loss and treatments,log on to http://www.medhairklinik.com/

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hair loss - a widespread problem

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  1. Hair Loss- A Widespread Problem

  2. Hair Loss can lead to Stress This is a question which lingers in the minds of all people suffering from hair loss. No doubt, hair loss is a growing problem today leading to anxiety and stress. Approximately 25 percent of men begin balding by age 20. There are many treatments for hair loss about which you will read in upcoming slides.

  3. Causes of Hair Loss • Age and Hereditary- major reasons of hair loss • Illness or Surgery- chronic illness, surgery, malnutrition • Chemotherapy- hampers reproductive cycle of hair follicles cells • Drugs- birth control pills, anticoagulants, antidepressants etc… • Menopause- causes drop in estrogen levels, leading to hormonal imbalance. • After Pregnancy – because of reduced levels of estrogen • DHT – shrinks hair follicle • Improper Hair Care – use of chemicals, hair dyes, perms, bleach etc.

  4. Types of Hair Loss • ANDROGENIC/ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA Also known as male/female pattern baldness, it is more common with men. • TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM o Related to severe stress o Women are more affected by this type of hair loss o Hair may grow back when the person recovers from stress • ALOPECIA AREATA o Causes patches on scalp and other parts of body o Occurs because of abnormal immune system o Sometimes, genes also play a role in this type of hair loss • Traction Alopecia o Occurs when hair are pulled repeatedly o Tight ponytails, knots, harsh brushing also cause hair loss

  5. Home Remedies of Hair Loss • Prepare amla(Indian gooseberry)oil by boiling dry amla(Indian gooseberry) pieces. Mix it with coconut oil. It is a natural tonic for hair. • A cup of spinach juice daily prevents loss of hair. • Mix lime water with coconut oil and apply it on scalp daily. • Juice of coriander leaves is a very good remedy for hair loss. • Regular use of castor oil on scalp. • If you have bald patches on scalp, apply mixture of lemon seeds and black pepper. • Massage your scalp with almond oil 2-3 times a day. It is one of the effective remedies for hair loss.

  6. Non-Surgical Treatment FDA Approved Medicines Topical medication Rogaine (containing finasteride) and oral medication popecia (containing minoxidil) Anti Androgens Some anti-androgens beneficial to prevent hair loss are: Progesterone flutamide cimetidine and sereonarepens Herbal Hair Loss Treatments The most well known herb is Saw Palmetto. It is a small herb containing fatty acids, oils and sterols. Continue...

  7. Low-Level Laser Therapy Laser therapy uses laser lights for to stimulate hair growth. It is more effective for people having thin hair compared to bald. Camouflage Techniques Cosmetic techniques are well known in hiding hair loss. Scarves, hats, wigs are common methods. Nutritional Therapy L-Lysine is beneficial in androgenetic alopecia. But high doses are harmful. L-arginine produces nitric acid which stimulates hair growth.

  8. Surgical Treatment for Hair Loss • Hair Transplantation • In saç ekimi( hair transplantation), hair are plucked from non-affected areas of scalp and implanted in affected part. Small holes are dug in scalp to implant plucked hair. • Skin Lifts • A flap is created from the skin of scalp which is capable to produce hair. Then it is moved to balding part. • Scalp Reduction • In scalp reduction technique, balding area of scalp is concealed by pulling the skin. This technique reduces the balding area.

  9. Hair Transplantation - better option for hair loss treatment Check out different saç ekimi( hair transplantation) techniques: • Strip Incision o Traditional method of transplantation o Strips of skin are removed from donor area o Hair follicles are extracted and implanted in affected region • Follicular Unit Extraction o Quite effective technique o Individual hair follicles are extracted and reinserted into hair line • Mini-Micrografting o It is similar to FUE with the major difference that graft size if fixed by doctor

  10. Mini-micrografting: Risks Involved • Infection • Scarring • Slow growth • Swelling around eyes and forehead • Cysts and pimples • Numbing of scalp

  11. Follicular Unit Extraction: Know the Benefits • Quick Method • Less pain and discomfort • No incision and stitching • Provides more natural look • Procedure completes in fewer sessions

  12. Things to Consider before transplantation • For Doctors o Previous health problems should be inquired o Blood test should be done o Check whether the patient is allergic to anesthesia or other medicines • For Patients o Quit smoking one week before o Quit alcohol intake one week before o Quit medicines having anti aggregant properties like aspirin before one week o Should make a gap of at least two hours between meals and transplantation.

  13. After Transplantation- Be Very Careful in first 72 hours • Take proper rest • Avoid physical effort • Take antibiotic for 4-5 days • Avoid heavy work for 15 days • Don’t scratch the scalp during wound recovery • Don’t use pressurized and hot water for 15 days • Try to avoid sun for one month

  14. Who can help you? Your quest to find good hair transplantation will definitely come to halt with med hair. Med hair team has been performing transplantation since ten years and number of patients are continuously increasing- a proof of the quality of treatment. For more information, log on to http://www.medhairklinik.com/sac-ekimi

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