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P o p p y. By Avi Also By Caroline Esper 8. Chapter 1 Mr. Ocax.

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  1. Poppy By Avi Also By Caroline Esper 8

  2. Chapter 1 Mr. Ocax • Poppy was on a hill with ragweed. They were so post to be dancing and they for got to tell Mr. Ocax if they could go up to the hill in the first place. Poppy then saw Mr. Ocax he swooped down and eat ragweed. Poppy past out as Mr. Ocax eat ragweed.

  3. Chapter 2 Poppy Remembers • Poppy could not stop thinking about ragweed. She thought about why they were on the hill for. All pour Poppy wanted was ragweed and to go home. She was afraid to leave the hiding stop because of Mr. Ocax.

  4. Chapter 3 Poppy Alone • Poppy ran as fast as she could to home. She wished ragweed was with her all that time. She saw a red flag at home. That mains meeting today and now. She ran inside quick.

  5. Chapter 4 The Emergency Meeting • Poor Poppy was talking about poor ragweed. Her dad said Poppy had to came with him to see Mr. Ocax. Thought what would ragweed say? Then she cried some more. As she got ready to go.

  6. Chapter 5 Leaving Gray House • Poppy is now leaving to see Mr. Ocax. She is very scared to go but she had to go. Then they went in to the deep forest. Now they were at Mr. Ocax. They stood right under Mr. Ocax. There Mr. Ocax was wanting for a word to come out of Poppy's dad.

  7. Chapter 6 Standing Before Me. Ocax • Mr. Ocax tolled Poppy to stand under his tree while he talk to her dad. Poppy listened to what they were saying. Then she saw ragweed's earring. Then she hard Mr. Ocax SAY NO! They walk home in sham.

  8. Chapter 7 Home Again • Ever one was mad at Poppy because Mr. Ocax said no because ragweed and her did not ask him to go to the hill. She ran to her room. She lad down . Then she thought of what Poppy and ragweed were not the reason he said no.

  9. Chapter 8 Poppy And Papa • She walk in to papas room. Mama said do you have anything that could cheer him up? No said Poppy. But I now why Mr. Ocax said No. Can I talk to papa Poppy said. Yes, said mama. Poppy I'm going to new house.

  10. Chapter 9 On Her Way • She Poppy was on her way to new house. She fall in to the water calling for HELP! Mr. Ocax was fling by but did mot help. She Poppy was so lucky she lived that. Then she now she was by Mr. Ocax watching tree.

  11. Chapter 10 Dimwood Forest • Poppy would like to get away from Mr. Ocax watching tree. She also wanted to sleep. She ran in to a log. In the log fox's And a PORCUPINE!!!

  12. Chapter 11 Erethizon Dorsatum • Poppy was stuck in the middle of a fox and a porcupine. She was scared of Erath. He was a scared this to see. She ran to the back of the log and Ereth said…WHY ARE YOU IN MY TOLIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. CHAPTER 12 WHAT POPPY LEARNS • Poppy learns that Ereth dose not eat meat, and Mr. Ocax is a fake! Poppy felt so dumb Poppy was getting happy because she was in Ereth house. All Ereth wanted was for Poppy to get out of his toilet!

  14. Chapter 13 Early Morning • Poppy found a nice spot to sleep that night. When she woke up Ereth was gone?! She walk outside and saw a owl. She did not now if that was Mr. Ocax. They she tolled Ereth about Ragweed.

  15. Chapter 14 On The Way To New • The old porcupine moved fast then Poppy. Mr. Ocax was flying by. Poppy yelled ERETH OCAX!! Mr. Ocax dived at Poppy she ran to Ereth. They now were at new house Ereth went right to the salt. Then Poppy saw a owl 2 time the size of Mr. Ocax.

  16. Chapter 15 Alone Again • Then Ereth said you get me the salt and bring it back to my log, Good Bye. ERETH!!, you are just going to leave me here? Are you? You said I needed to get you here and you’re here so my part is done now you have to do your part. Then Poppy funded a nice place to stay.

  17. Chapter 16 The True At Last • She loved it there, there it was a nice safe place to live. Why did Mr. Ocax not like them to move here? Poppy meet a cat named George he said the owl up there was a fake. Poppy could not believe Mr. Ocax was a farad of a fake owl. Poppy said Thank You and said good night. She found a nice place to sleep. And went to bed.

  18. Chapter 17 A Surprising Conversation • The next day Poppy work up and eat some corn. The she saw Mr. Ocax. She could not help her self she yelled Mr. Ocax OVER HERE! Where are you SHOW YOUR SALF!? ITS ME POPPY AND IM FINE WHERE I AM THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Then Mr. Ocax tried to trick Poppy.

  19. Chapter 18 The Battle Then there they were Mr. Ocax was trying to eat Poppy again. Then Poppy plunged the quill in to his foot. As she tried to grab the quill Mr. Ocax was flying. Mr. Ocax flu right in to the salt like. And did not move. Poppy said Mr. Ocax? Then she know Mr. Ocax was not alive.

  20. Chapter 19 The Return • Poppy tolled ever thing to Ereth. All he said was.. THE SALT IS ON THE GROWN!!!! Then all you can see is Ereth running down the hill. Then she walked home. Then all she did was stand outside.

  21. Chapter 20 A New Begging • Poppy now had a man named Ray. And 11 kids. And Ereth played a song for them. And they dance in the moon light. An they lived haply ever after.

  22. Conclusion • I Caroline thought this book was very good, and sad. I love the ending it was cool. The begging was very sad so watch out. We all loved this book. I give this book 5 stars

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