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Complete Contact CRM

Complete Contact CRM. Your Distribution Business NEEDS Complete Contact Management (Click to change screens). Complete Contact CRM. Automation Easy To Use Revolutionary Complete. Complete Contact CRM. Automation Complete Contact CRM Automates several of your mundane, repetitive tasks.

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Complete Contact CRM

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  1. Complete Contact CRM Your Distribution Business NEEDS Complete Contact Management (Click to change screens)

  2. Complete Contact CRM • Automation • Easy To Use • Revolutionary • Complete

  3. Complete Contact CRM • Automation • Complete Contact CRM Automates several of your mundane, repetitive tasks. • One of its Automation Tools available to you is the Automatic Quoting System (AQS)

  4. Complete Contact CRM • Automatic Quoting System • It works by automatically importing your customer requirements. • Automatically sends RFQ Broadcasts to your pre-qualified Vendors. • Makes use of the RFQ Auto Responses web page where the vendors do the data entry for you when quoting your RFQ. • In the next slides you will see a few screens were the Automatic Quoting System seamlessly integrates with the rest of the application.

  5. Image of the Sales Dashboard This is your Open Requirements List Sales Dashboard The IE icon tells you that the Requirement is a “WebReq” automatically imported by Complete Contact CRM

  6. WebReqs get the IE icon in all screens. Blue letters tells you that it has one or more Vendor Auto Response Quote/s Requirements Automatic Vendor Ratings are available wherever you need the right information to make a decision. This is what happened while you were sleeping: The customer entered the requirement on your web site, The system imported the requirement automatically into the database, The system checked that this was a AQS (Automatic Quoting System) qualified customer. The system then, emailed an RFQ to the vendors that you have configured (or qualified) to be included on the AQS. Another visual cue is the green “I” which means it is the vendor’s inventory. Vendor Auto Responses also get the IE icon.

  7. Here we see a sample email as received by a vendor. The Broadcast Email was sent by the system automatically to all your pre-qualified vendors that you chose to include on the Automatic Quoting System This header text as well as the footer is fully customizable by you. When the vendor clicks on this link it will be sent to your RFQ Auto Response Page

  8. Simple One-Click No Bid Button While they are here, they could quote on your other Open Requirements This is a sample RFQ Auto Response Page. It is fully customizable so it will blend completely with your own web site theme. Once the vendor enter all pertinent information as Quantity, Price, Delivery, if it is in stock, date code, etc. the Vendor Quote will be entered automatically and in Real-Time when they click on the “Submit RFQ Response” button.

  9. When you get to the office in the morning you have quotes from vendors for requirements that you didn’t even know that you had. Even from those vendors that might be closed at the time you get to the office, but they were open at the time that the requirement arrived. So you saved a day in time. You can now Quote your customer…

  10. Complete Contact CRM • Automation • Everybody automates the import of Broker Forum and IC Source emails, etc. Complete Contact CRM has taken automation beyond all other software written for the industry. • Your ideas come to life in Complete Contact CRM: “If you can think it, we can do it.” • If you have an idea, you can just tell us and we make it happen in the program.

  11. Complete Contact CRM • Easy To Use • Complete Contact CRM is Easy To Use and Learn. • It is simple, but not lacking. • In fact, I think that the simplicity makes it even more powerful. What good is it to have the features if you can’t get to them?

  12. Standard Menu Bar Visual cues, like icons and coloring are use throughout the program to make it easier for you to identify data at a glance. Single toolbar works the same for all screens. Familiar User Interface like Windows Explorer, or Outlook, guaranties you that your users will get up and running faster. The system tells you if this vendor has been emailed or faxed so you don’t contact the vendor for the same requirement more than once.

  13. Automatic Vendor Ratings The system automatically calculates the success rate of a vendor based on the vendors order history. This feature like all Complete Contact CRM features operates on Real-Time.

  14. If you need more information to make your decision you are a click away from More Vendor Information showing you a more in-depth view of the selected vendor’s statistics. Fax or Email RFQs to your vendors with one click • Vendor Info Screen Standard Editing (Yellow) popup makes data entry easy throughout the program.

  15. Simple One-Click Technology allows for fast creation of documents without retyping. Just select the lines you want to use for the Quote and click on the create quote button (Create Q)

  16. Simple access to relevant information from and where you need it.

  17. Simple to use tools that make your life easier and more accurate. • Auto Calculators • Auto Capitalization of names • Auto Phone Number Formatting • Auto Address Fill by Zip Code • Auto Zip Code by Town and City • Etc.

  18. Forms that look great printed, faxed, or as a PDF attachment. • Simple to Read • Professional Looking • Customizable

  19. All email templates are fully customizable with logos, graphics, links and whatever you can do with any html email system. You can even customize which columns and details to show. Or if you choose to send emails as plain text, they look great too.

  20. Invoice Preview Screen

  21. Type your customer requirement and press enter Quickly find your customer when you receive the phone call Your inventory shows up on the list Simple and Comprehensive Quote From Inventory Screen. Allows you to quote inventory to your customers in record time. Inventory lots detailed information displays as you select different inventory items Edit the Quantity and Price that you are quoting your customer Click on the “Create Quote” button and the system will create the quote for you and have it ready for you to just click on the email button and probably the Quote is at your customer’s computer screen before you hung up the phone Select the inventory you want to quote Quote History Click on the “Add” button. Add as many items as you want to the “New Quote” list PO History Invoice History

  22. Complete Contact CRM • Easy To Use • Just to summarize easy to use here is a list that it is not, in any stretch, a complete list: • One-Click Technology • Familiar User Interface • Easy Navigation (unlike web based software) • No formatting differences between screens • Standardized data entry forms • Standardized visual cues • Auto phone number formatting • Auto name formatting • Auto calculators • And a lot more…

  23. Complete Contact CRM • Revolutionary • Complete Contact CRM is revolutionizing the software for the independent Broker/Distributor industry. • We keep coming up with first in the industry features regularly. • Our web site has been established as “the place” for our competitors to go for ideas. • Is no surprise for this to happen when you consider that Complete Contact CRM’s Director of Development has been working for the industry since 1989. • When you talk to us about the software and features we understand completely what you want because we’ve been there all along. • Not only we know the industry, we are 100% independent. Not affiliated to any of your competitors. That gives you a sense of security that your precious data is safe with us and you can’t find anywhere else.

  24. Complete Contact CRM • Revolutionary • You already saw the Automatic Quoting System, if getting the work done while you sleep is not revolutionary; I don’t know what it is… • Not to mention the Automatic Vendor Ratings, Online Services Integration, etc. • In the next few slides you’ll see a few revolutionary features that are only a fraction of the Revolutionary features that Complete Contact CRM has.

  25. If you want to attach a picture to this receiving lot record, just click on the “Capture Picture” button. • PO Receiving Screen • This is the Purchase Order Receiving Screen. • You select your PO • All Info gets populated… • You check the discrepancy box if it is one • But here comes what is revolutionary.. • Introducing: “Document Management System”

  26. Then “Receive” And the picture gets attached to that record forever. • Images of attaching and attachments. When ready click on “Add” The system then will show a preview of the image that you want to capture.

  27. This is the Discrepancies Screen. I will show you one of the uses and how the Document Management System can, and will, help you. The Attachments tab tells us that we have to two attachments. Visual cues let you know what the discrepancy is.

  28. You can “Open,” “Add,” “Edit” or “Remove” attachments Attachment of the Technical Specs (*.pdf file) Attachment of a picture (*.jpg file)

  29. Discrepancies Screen If you choose “Open” while the picture line was selected, the picture opens up.

  30. If you choose “Open” when the Technical Specs line was selected, then the PDF document opens up. To a discrepancy, you attach all the documentation that helped you resolve that discrepancy. The next time you have the same or similar discrepancy, you can refer back to all those technical documents that it took you a few hours to track down last time. Now you are saving time; and time is money… You can do the same for other screens, reqs, contacts, vendors, customers, employees. With the Document Management System. You can file applications, specs and other technical documents, images of checks, etc. basically anything that can be place on a computer file, can be saved and organized with this simple to use system. Should this be on the Easy To Use section?

  31. Complete Contact CRM • Revolutionary • What is revolutionary? • Automatic Quoting System • One-Click Technology • Automatic Importing of Most Data • Web Server Integration • Proactive Notifications • QuickBooks Integration • And more…

  32. Complete Contact CRM • Complete • There is a reason why Complete Contact CRM’s first name is “Complete” • From the beginning Complete was one of the targets. As was “Simple” and “Revolutionary” • That is also the reason why any one of the features shown on this presentation could had been on any one of the sections. • It is revolutionary because it is easy to use, it is easy to use because it is automated, it is revolutionary because it is easy to use and automated, well, you get the point. • In the next slide you will find a partial list of features that make Complete Contact CRM “Complete”

  33. Complete Contact CRM • Complete • Automatic Quoting System • Document Management System • One-Click Technology • Automatic Importing of Most Data • Automatic Vendor Ratings • Web Server Integration • Proactive Notifications • QuickBooks Integrations • Multi Company Ready • Multi Warehouse Ready • Multi Currency Ready • Oh!!! also security…

  34. Predefined access rights. NOTE: Even when you allow full access, the system has another layer of security that wont permit deletion of critical and historical data. Complete Contact CRM has a Multi Layer Security System You can set access rights to different screens. Security can be managed by Templates. Should this be on the “Simple” section? • Employee Security You can easily manage predefined security templates or create your own. You can specify access rights by individual screens per user.

  35. Employee Privileges • The Permissions security layer. Allows you to assign to employees special rights to activity that are by default restricted. • Included on this rights: • Who can edit inventory. • Who can create manufacturers. • Who can send/receive information from QuickBooks. • Who can create vendors on the fly. • Etc.

  36. Logging of changes Even when a user has full access. The system in the background logs every action, so if someone changes a phone number, you can look at the Activity Log and find out not only who did it, what day and time, but also what was the previous phone number, or whatever data was changed.

  37. As always the system helps you focus on the data that is relevant by highlighting changes with a different color. Click on the Audit Trail tab. Find and select your part number. • Inventory Audit The Inventory System needed a more detailed Audit Trail, so it got one. Every change in the system that affects the inventory database gets log on a special audit trail that you can access from the Inventory Screen. All changes to the inventory file, wherever they happen get posted here. If you need more detail, double-click on any line to see the “Audit Trail Details” box.

  38. Complete Contact CRM • Complete Contact CRM has a lot more features that were not included on this presentation. Like: • Online Services Integration • Sourcing, the whole sourcing module could be a presentation on its own… • Faxing/Emailing groups, templates • Document Merge • RFQ Broadcast with automation and management features • And more… • Thank you very much for your attention. • We hope to hear from you soon to help you make the right decisions. • Oscar Mintegui • Director Of Development

  39. Complete Contact CRM Contact us at: Phone: 631-757-9825 Fax: 631-757-9835 Email: info@completecontact.net Web: www.completecontact.net

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