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Welcome to the South Dakota Masonic Child Identification Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the South Dakota Masonic Child Identification Program

Welcome to the South Dakota Masonic Child Identification Program

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Welcome to the South Dakota Masonic Child Identification Program

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  1. Welcome to the South Dakota Masonic Child Identification Program Held in May, 2007 at Watertown, SD

  2. The National Guard was on site to show kids their Humvee. Both the Police Department and the Fire Department had safety programs for the kids.

  3. Step 1: Registration

  4. Registration Parents fill out a form with demographic information including: • Name, address, phone number • Nicknames • Parent/guardian names • Health considerations • Gender • Height and weight • Race • Birth date • Distinguishing marks • Eye color and whether glasses/contacts are worn by the child

  5. Registration Enough volunteers were on hand to assist parents in filling out the forms and to measure kids height. Parents also signed a form giving consent for the program.

  6. Step 2: Fingerprints and photos

  7. Fingerprints and photos • Four workstations were set up where this step could be completed. • Each booth was equipped with the technology to take still photos and videos, as well as electronic fingerprints. • Three volunteers staffed each booth: • Took care of paperwork • Ran the equipment • Worked with the child

  8. Fingerprints and photos First the child was fingerprinted. Fingerprints were taken electronically from all 10 fingers.

  9. Fingerprints and photos Next the child held a name card while their photo was taken. If the child was too young to sit on their own, a parent or guardian held the child for the photo.

  10. Fingerprints and photos Then the child was recorded answering a few questions. The purpose of this step is to record the child’s movements and mannerisms.

  11. All of this information is saved to a disk and given to the parent or guardian. • Demographic info • Fingerprints • Still photo • Digital video • Voice print The Masons do not keep a record of any information. We keep only the consent form signed at registration.

  12. Coloring books and other activities were provided to keep the kids entertained between stations.

  13. Step 3: DNA swab Volunteers from the South Dakota Dental Association swab the inside of the child’s cheek to collect a DNA sample. This sample is given to the parent or guardian to take home and put in their freezer.

  14. Step 4: Dental Impression Dental volunteers also take a dental impression of the child’s teeth.

  15. Dental Impression This dental impression collects enough saliva to allow a scent dog to track the child.

  16. Step 4: ID Card The parent or guardian presents their child’s information sheet here, where it is laminated and given back to the parent or guardian. This card contains the child’s photo, demographic information and a fingerprint.

  17. Summary • The parent or guardian keeps all of the child’s • information and can turn it over the police if ever • needed. • They are also given an information sheet telling them: • What to do with the materials they collected today • How often to update the information • What to do if you believe your child is missing

  18. On their way out, information on the South Dakota Child Identification Program and on the Masons is available.

  19. According to the National Center for Exploited and Missing Children, the Masonic Child Identification Program is the most comprehensive child identification program in the country.

  20. Acknowledgements • The SD Masonic CHIP committee would like to thank those • whose support made this event possible: • Watertown Area Foundation • Watertown Public Schools • Watertown Fire Department • Watertown Police Department • SD National Guard • Watertown Dentists • Concord Lodge # 13 • All volunteers who served in so many ways