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HP and MySQL PowerPoint Presentation
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HP and MySQL

HP and MySQL

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HP and MySQL

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  1. HP and MySQL September 2004

  2. What Analysts Are Saying About MySQL “CIOs should put MySQL on their radar screen… MySQL is a powerful enough force to alter the database market” Forrester “Our research indicates that MySQL has provided exactly what it advertised – a fast, low-maintenance, extremely stable database product.” Meta Group “[Other databases charge] high prices for unneeded features — Consumers are less interested in grand new features and more interested in making core features easier to use and administer.” AMR #2 on Linux After Apache “The future of the database market will be the standardization on MySQL.” Meta Group Of companies surveyed who use Linux, over half use MySQL *Forrester Research - April, 2004.

  3. MySQL Basics • MySQL AB is a profitable open source company with a dual license model priced to address the commoditization of the database market • Low cost commercial license for commercial use • Free GPL license for open source projects • Dominant lowest cost open source database • 5 million installed • F500 companies generally have thousands of MySQL installations

  4. How Customers Use MySQL • MySQL databases are used for • custom web apps built on LAMP + BEA WebLogic or JBoss • SAP and other mission critical enterprise apps • multi-terabyte data warehouses • analytics and transactional systems • low-cost migrations from other databases • Some MySQL customers: The LAMP Stack

  5. How MySQL Reduces TCO • Provides core functionality without unnecessary complexity • Cuts systems downtime by 60% • Lowers hardware cost by 70% • Reduces administration, support costs by 50% • Reduces license costs over 90% • Total Savings • Average: $250,000 to $500,000 for corporate projects • Divisional/Enterprise deployment: More than $10 million TCO Breakdown of Database Software Source: IDC, 2003

  6. Some HP-MySQL Joint Customers • Sabre: swapped Oracle/Mainframe for 45 MySQL/Linux 4cpu HP Integrity servers • on $100 Million project,saves $$ tens of millions/year • estimated 40% TCO savings,actually achieved 80% • tested 5 hardware/database configs andchose top performing MySQL/Integrity “MySQL ran faster or as fast as any commercial database we tested. It never crashed. It was the fastest to get working, taking us two or three days to port our whole code base to it and get going. Alan Walker, Sabre • B2: Sweden’s largest broadband Internet service provider • chose a large MySQL Cluster configuration on HP ProLiant Linux servers • price-to-performance ratio significantly lower than other offerings • OnGame: lottery/gaming provider • needed greater hardware scalability and performance for running MySQL • switched hundreds of thousands of dollars in Dell servers to HP Integrity servers

  7. HP & MySQL Partnership: Platforms • HP platform product support of MySQL: • Linux/LAMP, and HP-UX, Windows, OpenVMS, Netware • Proliant (Intel/AMD), Integrity, HP9000, Alpha Servers • StorageWorks storage line • High Availability: ServiceGuard complementary to MySQL Cluster • OpenView • MySQL embedded in or used by HP products: • SANWorks Network View, ePod, StorageWorks Scalable File Share, Business Critical Systems Server Test Infrastructure • IPG (printing): Production Flow, Output Server, Web Delivery, Output Distributor

  8. Customer support Tested Solutions & partners Reference Architectures Why a Reference Architecture? What are your biggest concerns in using Linux and Open Source software? Lack of support 46% Immaturity 32% of products Lack of 16% applications Version splintering/ 16% lack of standards Unsecure 10% Lack of skills 8% None 18% Base: 50 $1B+ companies using Linux (multiple responses accepted) Source: Forrester, March 2003

  9. Linux Reference Architecture: Open Source Middleware D e v e l o p m e n t E n v Application1 Application2 Application3 Application4 M a n a g e m e n t Apache Ping ID Jabber Web Server Identity Management Server XML Messaging Server MySQL JBoss Open LDAP J2EE Application Server Database Server Directory Server Java runtime Linux: Red Hat / SuSE Hardware (ProLiant servers, storage, networks)

  10. MySQL Products • MySQL Database Server • Tops in reliability, scalability, performance • 15 minute installation, secure and easy admin without high priced DBAs • Features: transactions, sub-selects, prepared statements, stored procedures • MaxDB: Sold by MySQL, Jointly Developed with • SAP-certified open source database with comprehensive high-end feature set • Ideal for SAP R/3 ... or other enterprise environments • MySQL Cluster: High Availability with fastest performance • 99.999% uptime: mainframe reliability using commodity hardware • Parallel database, in-memory diskless performance outperforms Oracle 9i RAC

  11. MySQL Product Pricing and Comparisons • MySQL AB sells 2 paid open source database products, and HA clustering • MySQL Database Server ($595 commercial license*) • MaxDB: former SAP DB ($1490/cpu*), 5000 large SAP R/3 and other installations • MySQL Cluster: HA in-memory parallel database storage engine • MySQL comparison to Oracle and MS SQL Server • 70-90% lower TCO (licenses, storage h/w footprint, uptime, ease of management) • Performance matches Oracle and beats others in eWeek** benchmark • MySQL functionality handles 80% of DB uses (transactions, stored procedures ...) • MaxDB handles top 20% of uses (views, triggers, … will also soon be in MySQL) • MySQL Cluster 5 nines availability, 9i RAC–like scalability w/better performance * Prices subject to change **eWeek 2002, updated 2003

  12. MySQL for Large, Mission-Critical Deployments • MySQL Database Server • Texas Instruments stores 4 TB of data in MySQL • Cox runs 2 Billion row Data Warehouse on 27 MySQL servers • Telia logs 20 Million records every morning in MySQL in 45 min • Craigslist monthly: 1 Billion Pages Views; 5 Million users; 50 Million Searches • Rackspace has 60% of its hosted customers running MySQL • MaxDB • 60% of 5000 installations are >150GB • DeutschePost has 120 MaxDB - SAP R/3 servers, many 8 CPU/120GB • Thyssen-Krupp Hosting has 90 MaxDB - SAP R/3 servers, one is 2 TB "Now when I talk to senior management about moving from Oracle to MySQL they don't ask me, 'Are you sure?’, they ask me, 'When?’” Dan Agronow, CIO, Weather Channel

  13. MySQL Services Support • Email, Login, Phone Support • Worldwide 24x7 • All support staff have deep product and development expertise Training • Developer and DBA courses • On-site training • Certification Consulting • Best practices • Migration • Deployment • Tuning • Enhancements