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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead

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  1. The Walking Dead By Paige Panter and Ellen Reynolds

  2. Introduction to the show The Walking Dead was wrote by a man called Robert Kirkman, Kirkman in his previous years worked a lot with Marvel creating their characters and personalities, Kirkman always had a love for zombie comics and novels. He became a very well known comic writer and after many years of doing his own work in 2007 AMC brought the rights to show his new product before the pilot was even filmed and staged itself. October 2010 the first viewing of The Walking Dead was aired in America on AMC, a month later on November 5th 2010 it then was aired in the UK, the first episode pulled in over 579,000 people and that was just for the pilot. To this day people still love The Walking Dead and Season 4 has just began to be shown, the thrill and excitement brings viewers in. Also the fact that the comics, graphic novels and TV series aren’t all the same so each one has a complete different story which leaves you never knowing what is actually going to happen each episode.

  3. Results of primary research For our primary research we asked 15 people in our peer group, with the feedback we got we found that 73% of the people we had asked enjoyed watching The Walking Dead and the other 27% either had not watched it before or did not enjoy watching it. With the feedback we gained it was varied that much as the age range was only varied from 16-19, also we have a lot more males in the group then females which doesn’t really make the results we gained fair as if it were a bigger group with equal amount of opposite sex we may have ended up with more females liking it then men. The data we gained isn’t reliable for a bigger survey but for the small survey we have done it is good as we don’t have to go through a lot of numbers to work out the totals for everything. This research we have done is quantitative as we were doing a number based figure but if we were do do a more in depth survey with more questions it would be qualitative as it would be based on peoples personal opinions.

  4. Results of secondary research For our secondary research we had to find out when our chosen TV series was first aired in the UK, the date and then we had to display the evidence of were we got it from. The Walking Dead was first aired on Friday 5th November 2010 on Fox UK at 10pm, this was shown weekly for the 6 episodes of this season. We found this data on several websites including; Wikipedia, epguides, barb and also geektown. This is called as secondary research as someone else has already found this data and uploaded it onto the internet so other people can use it for their own research and sometimes try and use it as their own.

  5. Typical audience member For The Walking Dead it was quite hard to decide on a typical audience member as it has such a large fan base. We based our typical audience on males as it is more of a violent show and wouldn’t really be every girls cup of tea but that is a very stereotypical as everyone can have their own taste in programs, music and films. So for our stereotypical audience member we presume that they are male, the age range varies from 17-32, their class would be anything from low, high and working. Their ethnicity is most likely to be White British or White American, the sexual orientation would be male as its full of a lot of blood, gore, death, violence, swearing etc. We think they would be quite casual looking audience, wearing a lot of merchandise for the show, skinny jeans, converse and vans, really young looking and most likely read a lot of comic books and play a lot of computer games.