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Science in unnamed project Conceptual PowerPoint Presentation
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Science in unnamed project Conceptual

Science in unnamed project Conceptual

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Science in unnamed project Conceptual

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  1. Science in unnamed project Conceptual

  2. primary Thereare 5 elements Element Black Element Red Element Green Element Blue Element White

  3. Each element has different Functions. This element is special, as it randomizes the effects of combined element. Absorbs outer elements of combined element. Create Absorb Heat Mutate Cold Creates more of combined element. This element is hot. This element is cold.

  4. Each element wants to have a degreeof 360. 1% = 3.6 Degrees = Weak 10% = 36 Degrees = Medium 100% = 360 Degrees = Strong Anything over 100% = Dangerous

  5. As the resulting element gets Above 360 degrees, The instabilityincreases, 1800 Degrees And the power.

  6. Youcansliceeach element Intosmallerdegrees. 90 Degrees 270Degrees

  7. Whichcanbefusedwith Other elements.

  8. With 90 Degreesbeingblack And 270 Degrees being Blue This new element is called: Blu3Bla Containing 3 parts Bla and 1 part Blu. (It is always the lowest number) You do not write a number if said number is 1 This element absorbs a small amount of strong cold. (Only a short burst of extreme cold will be extracted of this) If it was Bla3Blu1, it would absorb a lot of cold, but with a significantly lower temperature.

  9. Black : Bla White: W Red : R Green : G Blue: Blu

  10. WR7 : 51,4 Degrees White, and 308,6 Degrees Red This element creates a small amount of strong heat. (Only a short burst of extreme heat will be extracted of this)

  11. Different possible uses of elements • Ball-like coin-sized object, with no change of function • Chain reactions (Fire-creating element touching absorbant element, which stores flames until it bursts in a rain of fire. This could be a trap.) • Said traps • Storage units ( (Bla)10 is 3600 Degrees of pure absorbant, which can store a large amount of other elements, and/or objects) It can still burst due to high pressure • Placed on weapons/objects to translate almost all of its function into the object. ( (R)10 is 3600 Degrees of EXTREMELY high temperature heat. Will incinerate almost all objects near it. Could make a good bomb. )

  12. Theory of the Heat Bomb This means, that there are two elements in the same space, but without being one. The Blaaborbs the R. When R exceeds the absorbant element Bla, Bla will vanish, and R will produce over 3600 Degrees of heat, and vanish too. Same applies to cold. R-180 R-180 R-180 R-180 R-180 (Bla)10 (R)6 (Bla)10 R-180 R-180 R-180 R-180 R-180 R-180 R-180 R-180 is 360 – 180 = 180 Degree Red = Medium Heat. Used factors are marked for ease of use. (Bla)10 is 10 times 360 Degrees in one element

  13. Heat Bomb Note : This trap is extremelyhard to make.

  14. Bad ideas • Creating (R)10, or stronger, will most likely result in immediate burn death, as there is no container for the high heat pressure. • BlaWand RB does not do anything, as Heat and Cold is equal meaning no heat/cold produced. Create and Absorb equals each other too. • Leaving WR unattended in a burnable place. As W creates R, which is a heat factory.

  15. (W)10R, activated, and PAUSE = Heat, Flames

  16. The End • Property of BottleMango •