rumaysa bint milhaan umm sulaym n.
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  3. INTRODUCTION • RumaysabintMilhaanibn Khalid ibnZaydibnHaraamibnJundub An-najjar • RumaysabintMilhaan Al-Ansariyah Al-Khazrajiyyah; Al-Ghumaysa • Some historian says that her real name was Sahlah or Rumaylah or MulaykahbintMilhaan

  4. INTRODUCTION… • She came from an illustrious family whose sacrifice for Islam was remarkable. • Rumaysa was recognized as an intellectual and powerfulwoman before she embraced Islam. • She had an autonomous approach, excellent character and remarkable wisdom.

  5. INTRODUCTION… • She was popularly known as Umm Sulaym, the great Muslim lady and philosopher • Umm Sulaym was one of the first women of Yathrib to accept Islam • She was first married to Malikibn an-Nadr who never accepted Islam till his death

  6. INTRODUCTION… • She was instrumental to the acceptance of Islam by ZaydibnSahl whose Islam was her mahr • She was highly appreciated by Prophet Muhammad ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) • She played great role at the Battles of Uhud and Hunayn • Indeed she was a woman of invaluable virtues

  7. HER LIFE WITH MALIK BIN AN-NADR • Umm sulaym accepted Islam while she was married to Malik bin An-nadr, her cousin and first husband • Their marriage was blessed with the famous Anas bin Malik, one of the great companions of the Prophet ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) • Her decision to accept Islam was made without the knowledge or consent of her husband. • She was influenced by the refined, dedicated and persuasive Musab bin Umayr who was sent out as the first missionary or ambassador of Islam

  8. Malik bin An-nadr was absent from Yathrib at the time and when he returned he felt some change had come over his household and asked his wife: "Have you been rejuvenated?" "No," she said, "but I (now) believe in this man (meaning The Prophet Muhammad ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) )." • Malik was not pleased especially when his wife went on to announce her acceptance of Islam in public and instruct her ten year old son Anas in the teachings and practice of Islam.

  9. She taught him to say ‘’THE KALIMAH’’ • The young Anas repeated the simple but profound declaration of faith clearly and emphatically • This made Malik furious. He shouted at her: "Don't corrupt my son." "I am not corrupting him," she replied firmly and persisted in her Islam.

  10. Consequently her husband left her and went away to Syria where he was killed by an enemy after some years. • Malik bin An-nadr was a polytheist till his death • The news shocked but apparently did not upset Umm Sulaym greatly • Thus Umm Sulaym became a widow and Anas an orphan

  11. She remained devoted to her son and was concerned about his proper upbringing. • She is even reported to have said that she would not marry again unless Anas approved • She decided to take Anas to the Prophet ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) in order to serve and learn from him

  12. HER MARRIAGE TO ZAYD BIN SAHL • When it was known that Umm Sulaym had become a widow, one man, Zayd bin Sahl, a.k.a, Abu Talhah, resolved to become engaged to her before anyone else did. • He was rather confident that Umm Sulaym would not pass him over for another; • one of Madinah’s strongest, best looking, and richest men, whom many of the young Madinan women were interested in. • He was an accomplished horseman, skillful archer and, moreover, he belonged to the same clan as Umm Sulaym, the BanuNajjar.

  13. On the way to Umm Sulaym's house, he recalled that she had been influenced by the preaching of Musab bin Umayr and had become a Muslim. • "So what?" he said to himself. "Was her late husband not a firm adherent of the old religion and was he not opposed to Muhammad ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) and his mission?“ • At Umm Sulaym's house, in the presence of Anas, Abu Talhah explained why he had come; and asked for her hand in marriage

  14. To his astonishment, she told him, “O Abu Talhah, do you not know that your god whom you worship is just a tree that grew in the ground and was carved into shape by the slave of Banu so-and-so.” He said, “Of course. ” She said, “Do you not feel ashamed to prostrate yourself to a piece of wood that grew in the ground and was carved by the slave of Banu so-and-so?”

  15. Abu Talhah was stubborn, and hinted to her of an expensive dowry and luxurious lifestyle • But she persisted in her point of view, and told him frankly: ‘’A man like you, Abu Talhah, is not (easily) turned away. But I shall never marry you while you are an unbeliever.’’ • Abu Talhah thought she was trying to put him off and that perhaps she had already preferred someone wealthier and more influential.

  16. He said to her: "What is it that really prevents you from accepting me, Umm Sulaym? Is it the yellow and the white metals (gold and silver)?“ "Gold and silver?" she asked somewhat taken aback and in a slightly censuring tone. "Yes," he said. "I swear to you, Abu Talhah, and I swear to ALLAAH and His Messenger that if you accept Islam, I shall be pleased to accept you as a husband, without any gold or silver. I shall consider your acceptance of Islam as my mahr."

  17. Abu Talhah understood well the implications of her words. His mind turned to the idol he had made from wood and on which he lavished great attention • The opportunity was right for Umm Sulaym to stress the futility of such idol worship and she went on: "Don't you know Abu Talhah, that the god you worship besides ALLAAH grew from the earth?" "That's true," he said.

  18. "Don't you feel stupid while worshipping part of a tree, while you use the rest of it for fuel to bake bread or warm yourself? If you should give up these foolish beliefs and practices and become a Muslim…’’ • "Who shall instruct me in Islam?" asked Abu Talhah. "I shall," Umm Sulaym replied. "How ?" • "Utter the declaration of truth, testifying that there is no god but ALLAAH and that Muhammad is the Messenger of ALLAAH. Then go to your house, destroy your idol and throw it away."

  19. Abu Talhah left and reflected deeply on what Umm Sulaym had said. He came back to her beaming with happiness. • "I have taken your advice to heart. I declare that there is no god but ALLAAH and I declare that Muhammad is the Messenger of ALLAAH." • Umm Sulaym and Abu Talhah were married. Anas, her son, was pleased and the Muslims would say: "We have never yet heard of a mahr that was more valuable and precious than that of Umm Sulaym, for she made Islam her mahr."

  20. Umm Sulaym was pleased and delighted with her new husband who placed his unique energies and talents in the service of Islam. • They were blessed with Abu Umayr & Abdullah • Abu Talhah and Umm Sulaym had an exemplary Muslim family life, devoted to the Prophet (صلىاللهعليهوسلم) the service of Muslims and Islam • Abu Talhah died while he was on a naval expedition during the time of the third Caliph, Uthman, and was buried at sea.

  21. HER RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PROPHET • Anas bin Malik narrated: ‘’The Prophet ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) used to visit Umm Sulaym and she would present to him whatever she had prepared for him…………..’’ • Occasionally, she would send her son Anas with bags of dates to his house

  22. Anas narrates that his mother once sent a gift of ghee from the milk of her goat to The Prophet ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) …………… • Anas narrates that one day Abu Talhah came home and told Umm Sulaym that the Prophet (صلىاللهعليهوسلم) sounded very weak, possibly he was hungry. If there was some food in the house they could have the honour of having him over for a meal.

  23. Sometimes also he would have a siesta in their house and, as he slept, she would wipe the perspiration from his forehead. • It was noticed that the Prophet ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) had a special compassion for Umm Sulaym and her family and when asked about it, he replied: "Her brother was killed while fighting alongside me."

  24. HER ROLE AT THE BATTLES • She had set out on various military campaigns to help provide water to the thirsty and nursing the wounded • She was also noted for her great courage and bravery • During the Battle of Uhud she was one of the women who defended the Prophet.

  25. During the Battle of Hunayn, when the enemy suddenly attacked at dawn, showering down arrows from the hills, the Muslims were taken by surprise and many began to flee. • A small group stood firm with the Prophet, one of whom was RumaysabintMilhaan. • Despite being pregnant at the time, she had armed herself with a dagger to use against the unbelievers; .............‘’She said: O Messenger of ALLAAH, ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) if any polytheist gets close to me I will disembowel him with it.’’

  26. HER VIRTUES AND….. • Jaabir bin ‘Abdullah, may ALLAAH be pleased with him, said: ‘’The Messenger of ALLAAH (صلىاللهعليهوسلم) said: ‘I saw myself (in a dream that I) entered Paradise and then I met Rumaysa the wife of Abu Talhah and I heard a rustle so I asked: Who is that? He said: That is Bilal.’’

  27. According to Dhun Nun, PATIENCE is: ‘’An aloofness from extremes; calmness in the face of the overwhelming chokes of trials and demonstration of contentment at the outbreak of poverty in the sphere of livelihood.’’ • Umm Sulaym presents to us an excellent example of good disposition toward decree and trials

  28. In the face of adversity, Umm Sulaym displayed a unique calmness and strength. • A son of Umm Sulaym (Abu Umayr) fell sick and died while her husband was away looking after his orchards. • She prepared the child (for burial). • She told others at her home not to inform Abu Talhah because she wanted to tell him herself.

  29. When he returned, she presented his dinner to him • He took his dinner and thereafter had sexual relations with his wife • When she realized that he became satisfied and relaxed, she asked; "O Abu Talhah, do you think that if a people lent something to a household, then asked for it back, do they have the right not to return it?" He said, "No.“

  30. She said, ‘’Your son is a loan from ALLAAH and HE has taken him.’’ "Then resign yourself to the death of your son.’’ • Abu Talhah said; ‘’We belong to ALLAAH and to HIM is our return, and he offered praises to ALLAAH.’’ • In the morning, he hastened to The Prophet (صلىاللهعليهوسلم) told him of his wife’s conduct the previous night

  31. The Prophet ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) said; ‘’May ALLAAH bless you in (the result of) your night.’’ • Umm Sulaym got pregnant and had another son. • She sent Anas with the baby and a bag of dates to The Prophet who instituted tahneek for the newborn and named him ‘Abdullah • Uyyanah said: I saw seven boys belonging to that boy (i.e. ‘Abdullah) all of them having memorized the Qur’aan

  32. Another incident involving Rumaysa and her husband Abu Talha includes Abu Hurayra. • It was known that Abu Hurayra lived in the antechambers of the Prophet’s mosque and suffered hunger at some time. • Once Abu Hurayra went to The Prophet ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) and told him that he had not eaten for days.

  33. Abu Talha took him as a guest but unfortunately there was little in his house to eat, as well. • However, he said to his wife, Umm Sulaym, ‘Let the children to sleep and pretend eating before the guest. • When the guest starts eating, put out the candle pre-tending to make its light brighter. • No one sees in the dark whether one is really eating or not. I will act as if I am eating, and thus our guest can satisfy his hunger.’

  34. After the dawn prayer, ALLAAH’s Messenger turned to them and smiled, saying: ALLAAH admired what you did with your guest last night. This verse was revealed concerning you: “Those who made their dwelling in the city [Madina], and in belief, before them [the Emigrants] love whoever has emigrated to them, not finding in their breasts any need for what they have been given, and preferring others above themselves, even though poverty be their portion. Whoever is guarded against the avarice of his own soul, those – they are the prosperous”. (Al-Hashr; 59: 9)

  35. CONCLUSION • Umm Sulaym was a model to the muslims; a model wife and mother; ……………. • Her belief in ALLAAH was strong and uncompromising. • She was not prepared to endanger her faith and the upbringing/education of her children for wealth and luxury, however abundant and tempting.

  36. CONCLUSION… • She was devoted to the Prophet ( صلىاللهعليهوسلم) and dedicated her son, Anas, to his service. • She played an active part in public life, sharing with other muslims the hardship and the joy of building a community and LIVING FOR THE PLEASURE OF ALLAAH. • INDEED, SHE REMAINS ONE OF OUR TRUE ROLE MODELS. MAY ALLAAH BE PLEASED WITH HER

  37. “Rajab is a month of cultivation, Shaban is month of irrigating the fields, and the month of Ramadhan is a month of reaping and harvesting.”

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