where is god n.
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Where is god PowerPoint Presentation
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Where is god

Where is god

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Where is god

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  1. Where is God?

  2. Since the beginning of time we humans have all been asking ourselves the important questions: Where is God? Why are we here? Where are we going? • We’ve all been looking for these answers because we know they contain the key to creative power; that key that can enable us to create happy, abundant, meaningful lives for ourselves, our families, our children and the world as a whole. • But, in a world wrought with catastrophes, global and regional wars, genocide, terminal illness, economic collapse, poverty, corruption, death, high divorce rates, emotional depression, anxiety, fear and stress, the concept of an omnipotent, omni-loving God seems unconvincing at best. • Everyone begins to wonder…and the questions are gripping for us all: Where is God? And Why does God ‘allow’ atrocities and injustices? Are we sinful, fallen creatures who have been exiled from paradise? Or are we on our journey to what we call paradise?

  3. Some of the answers that we’ve collectively accepted so far are inaccurate and disempowering. This makes the creation of our best lives and ideal legacies much more difficult, if not futile. • That’s why A Guide to Your Supreme Power addresses these long-standing issues, creating what is the most coherent, empowering understanding to date. • The information presented in this life-changing book gives further meaning, power, and clarity to all past and present religious traditions. It answers your most important questions in the most empowering ways. The result is a life of more happiness, joy, inner peace, security, wealth, and all things good. • Where is God? • …and Why does God ‘allow’ atrocities and injustices? • These are the very questions that form our entire understanding of reality. The way we answer them determines who we are, what we become and the things we do…or don’t do. The answers we accept determine our levels of happiness, health, wealth, and real joy in life. • If we accept disempowering answers to these questions, we build our lives upon incredibly unstable foundations.

  4. A Guide to Your Supreme Power answers these eternal questions: Where is God? Why are we here? Where are we going? in the most understandable, logical, empowering way. • For instance, if you believe (consciously or not) that you are a sinful, fallen creature, then, at least a few, if not all, aspects of your life will in some way reflect this. • Similarly, when you come to recognize that you are a perfect creature, of an All-Mighty God-Creator---that you are growing closer toward godlikeness each day---then your life, your achievements, your relationships and your happiness levels will reflect this. You will more greatly reflect God-Creator. You become more ‘godlike.’ • Best of all, • As you become more godlike, you interpret your own and others’ actions from the most empowering perspective. This means you discover (and better understand) the benefits and opportunities for growth in all things. •