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Things to Keep In Mind While Handling Glassware PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to Keep In Mind While Handling Glassware

Things to Keep In Mind While Handling Glassware

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Things to Keep In Mind While Handling Glassware

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  1. Things to Keep In Mind While Handling Glassware Each person actively participating in household chores, men and women alike, very well understand how delicate glassware is. Glass items require special attention, be it while cleaning, storing or serving. Each step is crucial and demands conscious steps to keep the glassware safe and secure from breakage, scratches, incomplete cleaning etc. To maximize the lifespan of your carefully purchased glassware, follow the steps given below to continue preserving them properly. Rinse Well, And Repeat Whenever you take out a fresh batch of glasses, make sure to wash them with a suitable glass-washing detergent non-abrasive sponge that shall ensure that there aren’t any scratches or rubbing marks on the glass. Once the cleaning is complete, leave the glasses in an upturned position for an optimal drying process. Let them dry naturally and allow them to have as much air as possible - avoid using any random cloth as the grease/dirt, odour, fabric threads etc may unexpectedly spread across the glass. and warm water. Use a Practice Delicate Touch

  2. One thing that is important to note is that glassware mostly breaks when one is not careful in handling the items - delicate touch involves conscious handling of the items, i.e neither any rough nor fragile movements. Skilled and confident handling of glassware will keep the breakage to a minimum. Also, the probability of glasses slipping and breaking reduces considerably when they are kept outside the sink of the kitchen after use, especially when there are other dirty utensils in the sink. Package and Storage Instead of trying to save space at the expense of your glasses that will break if too much pressure is put on their storage box, strictly avoid stacking boxes with glassware on top of one another. It is also essential to clearly label the respective boxes as ‘fragile’ to be certain that they are handled carefully by anyone picking or moving them. Use Extra Protection for Storage Many people are still unaware of the fact that the thinner the glass, the more fragile it will be; keep in mind to not carry multiple glasses in one hand while carrying them anywhere. While handling, using or storing glasses, take extra care of the stems, handles and even the rims. Generously use bubble wraps before carefully storing your glassware in cardboard boxes. Using cardboard dividers is also a good trick to ensure the glasses don’t clash and break. Environment Factors The surroundings of glassware play a pivotal role in keeping them protected. Extreme heat or low temperatures can cause a crack in them, as well as high levels of humidity in the environment. This happens because glass has a dense nature that weakens it due to rapid expansion or retraction. Purchasing glassware has become extremely simple nowadays but while buying such luxury home decor items online, one must be careful of the quality. Simply visit the website of The Pillow Company in India and buy glassware online right away. Source: