key points to consider when choosing a podiatrist n.
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Key Points to Consider when Choosing a Podiatrist PowerPoint Presentation
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Key Points to Consider when Choosing a Podiatrist

Key Points to Consider when Choosing a Podiatrist

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Key Points to Consider when Choosing a Podiatrist

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  1. Key Points to Consider when Choosing a Podiatrist Treating every lower body sports injury with medicine and physiotherapy sessions is not always possible and underlying conditions may be leading to the chronic injuries that ought to be treated by a podiatrist to prevent future relapses. A podiatrist, also known as foot and ankle surgeon, is a medical practitioner who is devoted towards study and treatment of foot, ankle, and lower extremity disorders. Any sports physio in Singaporewill be specialized in treating the injuries of Singaporean sports enthusiasts. But if the injury is severe, it may become mandatory to consult a podiatrist. But the pertinent question is - how to choose the best podiatrist for your treatment and how to differentiate a good podiatrist from an average one? Here’s a look at the 3T Model that will help in choosing the best podiatrist in Singapore: 1. Training Almost every podiatrist in Singapore has a bachelor’s degree from a reputed university but that alone does not qualify him for the best podiatrist in Singapore. The basic training is not sufficient and you need to look for some special skills and diversified training in a podiatrist. When you connect with the clinic, ask if the podiatrist has expertise in sports podiatry, high-risk management, paediatric surgery, and others. Also, try to probe about the experience he has in treating the issue that you are suffering from. 2. Techniques Skilful techniques play an important role in choosing your podiatrist. Simply put, the more techniques at your podiatrist’s disposal, the greater the chances of excellent solution for your problem. No two patients are same and no two people will respond the same way to a particular treatment. The more techniques a podiatrist has, the more customized the line of treatment he can plan out for you. A podiatrist may even want to design a combination of treatments to ensure the best outcome for you. 3. Total Approach By total approach, we mean that your podiatrist should not just assess you on your feet and legs but should study your medical condition as a whole. A podiatrist needs to take into consideration your medical history and other contributing factors that may have caused or worsened your sports injury. A podiatrist who just focuses on the specific injury will not be able to offer optimum health benefits. Keeping these 3Ts in mind can help in choosing the right podiatrist in Singapore for an effective treatment of your sports injury. It is important to consider that your

  2. podiatrist is your friend and you should not hide anything from him to ensure that all your injuries are healed with no complications. You must follow the diet and exercising plans drafted by your podiatrist to ensure speedy recovery. Explore web for more information on clinics for sports physio in Singapore that help in healing the sports injuries with an efficient and experienced panel of therapists.