the concept of manifesting in theta healing n.
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The Concept of Manifesting in Theta Healing PowerPoint Presentation
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The Concept of Manifesting in Theta Healing

The Concept of Manifesting in Theta Healing

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The Concept of Manifesting in Theta Healing

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  1. The Concept of Manifesting in Theta Healing • Perhaps you may have heard of those great masters with the undeniable capabilities of manifesting physical things from thin air. Well, stop thinking that this is not possible because with the use of the theta healing technique, it is very much possible.

  2. Theta Healing • At first it may feel like synchronicity but with continued practice, this manifesting ability becomes undeniable. But how is this even possible? First, it is essential to note that we manifest experiences daily into our lives and that these manifestations are dependent on a part of our body or mind that holds programs, beliefs and feelings from our childhood, those that we have inherited from our ancestors as well as those that may have been absorbed from past lives and group consciousness. These experiences shape an individual’s reality like their finances and relationships regardless of their health. In order to manifest for certain happenings in your life, it is essential to clear these old beliefs, feelings and programs that drag you back to your old paradigm. This is the core of theta healing.

  3. Theta Healing • A suitable example in this case is where you want to increase your wealth or money. It is impossible to achieve this feat regardless of the focus you put in when your mind is still filled with negative thoughts or beliefs like money is the root of all evil because this will hinder or rather block this manifestation at some point. This is because there is a contradiction between what your conscious mind wants and what your subconscious mind believes. Clearing more negative beliefs creates more room for manifestation just in the same way deleting a bunch of old files frees up space on your hard drive and improves the speed and general functioning of your system. This is because the absence of these old beliefs that block your efforts to manifest has created more energy which can now be directed towards manifestation.

  4. Theta Healing • Another very essential component of manifesting is ability to leave your separateness paradigm and enter a paradigm of the energy of the Creator. Usually, resentments, anger and hatred towards ourselves or others hold us back in this paradigm of separateness. But through theta healing we are able to clear these emotions and in the process allow us to experience our internal connections. When connected to the power of the Creator, it is possible to see the experience we want or rather the things we desire most come into our lives.

  5. Theta Healing • Practitioners of this healing technique use active listening and muscle testing in order to determine the beliefs and feelings that negatively affect a client’s positive progress. They then use this technique to clear these feelings and beliefs and instantly replace them with other positive ones that will effectively serve the desired goals of the client. It is then that the client can connect to the energy of the Creator via a manifestation meditation and then create from this energy. • Theta healing can be your step towards manifesting a host of blessings in your life that include a body that is more healthier, loving relationships as well as more abundance. It is a way of manifesting many life experiences of happiness.

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