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Tank Doctor Provides Water Tank Filters PowerPoint Presentation
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Tank Doctor Provides Water Tank Filters

Tank Doctor Provides Water Tank Filters

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Tank Doctor Provides Water Tank Filters

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  1. Tank Doctor Provides Water Tank Filters

  2. About Tank Doctor The Tank Doctor is an Adelaide based company which services homes and business in metro and country locations with all their tank cleaning, tank roof replacement and Water Tank Filters needs. We offer filter installation service in Adelaide and also offer an online store for local and interstate product purchases with free postage Australia wide.

  3. Water Tank Filters Water filter systems help protect the entire home from the effects of dirt, sand and silt which can corrode pipes and become lodged in the hot water service, dishwasher, toilet and bathroom taps, which could lead to costly repairs. Not to mention the unsightly discoloration of toilet bowl, bath tubs and your washing being soiled and stained from dirt.

  4. Water Tank Filters Our Water Tank Filters Systems are the answer to healthy, clean drinking water all year round. It does by capturing dirt particles which would have normally entered the house and been consumed as drinking water or blocked in an expensive appliance such as a dishwasher, hot water service or washing machine.

  5. Water Tank Filters Price

  6. Contact us Our mobile team service all areas of Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. Contact us today to get your free, no obligation quotation for your tank cleaning, installation or repair. The Tank doctor PO Box 3018Aberfoyle Park,South Australia 5159 Phone: 08 8381 4954Mob: 0411 218 323E-mail: Web: