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Common Hand Injuries PowerPoint Presentation
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Common Hand Injuries

Common Hand Injuries

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Common Hand Injuries

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  1. Common Hand Injuries I.M. Doctor, M.D. My Office My City, State

  2. The information in this presentation was provided to the presenter by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and may be modified. Endorsement of this presentation by the AAOS is not implied or inferred. Thank you to Leon S. Benson, MD and the American Society for Surgery of the Hand for his significant contributions to the content of this presentation.

  3. Common Hand Injuries • Orthopaedic Surgeon • Types of Hand Injuries • Where The Injuries Occur • How It Happens • How to Prevent Injury • Medical Guidelines

  4. What is an Orthopaedic Surgeon? • Medical doctor or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who specializes in treatment and health maintenance of musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, cartilage and spine)

  5. What is an orthopaedic surgeon? • The expert in treating the musculoskeletal system • The expert in maintaining musculoskeletal health

  6. Educating an Orthopaedic Surgeon • College • Medical School • Internship • Orthopaedic Residency • Fellowship (optional) • 2 Years Practice TOTAL 4 4 1 4 (1) 2 16 years!

  7. What do orthopaedic surgeons do? • Diagnose • Treat • Medication • Physical Therapy • Exercise • Brace • Surgery • Prevent

  8. Cuts (lacerations) Broken bones (fractures) Pinching injuries (crush) Punctures Burns Types of Common Hand Injuries

  9. Infections Tendon and ligament damage Deformity (crooked bones) Stiffness Scars Associated Problems

  10. Where The Injuries Occur • Kitchen • Garage • Doorways • Furniture Hinges • Drawers and Windows • Home Gym • Your Pet’s Mouth!

  11. Largest collection of cutting tools and heating equipment One of the busiest places in the home “Familiarity breeds contempt” The Kitchen

  12. Ladders Power tools Lawn mowers Snow blowers The Garage

  13. Pinching injuries: door jamb or closing edge Bedroom doors Garage and outside doors Car doors–standard and sliding (mini-vans!) Car trunk and hood doors Doorways

  14. Similar to doorways: pinching and crushing Folding chairs Card tables ANYTHING WITH A HINGE Furniture Hinges

  15. Sliding shut produces crushing injuries Heavy cabinets drawers and doors are hard to control Old windows and storm windows tend to suddenly slam down Drawers and Windows

  16. Free weights and bar bells: fingertip crushing injuries Exercycles and treadmills: severe mangling injuries, especially common in children Home Gym

  17. Cat and dog bites to the hand commonly get infected Almost all bites come from your own pet – not strays! Your Pets

  18. Pitting an avocado Separating frozen hamburgers or hot dogs Cutting bagels Holding hot metal containers without insulation on the handles Kitchen – How It Happens

  19. Picking up broken glass Trying to free a jammed blender Picking something out of the disposal Washing and drying knives Kitchen – More!

  20. Ladders: not properly set up = FALLS Ladders: hinges cause pinching injuries Power tools: disabling safety features or working too fast Garage – How It Happens

  21. Lawn mowers: putting hands in harm’s way Snow blowers: unaware of second fan blade at exhaust port Garage – How It Happens

  22. Children do not respect door jambs and closing edges Car doors: start to close door before all fingers are clear Garage doors: springs can explosively unwind Doorways – How It Happens

  23. Don’t actually see your own fingertips when holding the furniture Can cause severe crushing damage to fingers Children unaware of hinges and can accidentally unfold or fold up chairs and tables Furniture Hinges – How It Happens

  24. Don’t realize that your fingertips are in the way when you close a heavy drawer Older windows and storm windows can be difficult to move– and then suddenly give way Drawers and Windows – How It Happens

  25. Fatigue after repetitive lifting can make heavy weights hard to control Children see exercycles as toys –injuries occur from entangled fingers Home Gym – How It Happens

  26. Separating your pet from fighting with another animal – you will be bitten! Rescuing or extricating your pet when it’s injured – you will be bitten! Your Pets – How It Happens

  27. Don’t cut towards yourself Never put your other hand in the path of the knife blade Don’t use knives at all for certain activities The Kitchen – Prevention WRONG WAY!

  28. Picking up broken glass Trying to free a jammed blender Picking something out of the disposal Washing and drying knives Kitchen – More Prevention BE CAREFUL!

  29. Use a stable, well designed ladder Set up ladder on a level surface with hinges properly locked in place Don’t reach or lean while on the ladder Wear proper shoes! Garage – Prevention

  30. NEVER disable safety features on power tools NEVER allow children near power tools NEVER cut towards yourself NEVER use tools when tired or distracted ALWAYS wear eye protection Garage – Prevention

  31. Never operate lawn mowers when children might be nearby Never use your hands to unclog lawn mowers or snow blowers Garage – Prevention

  32. Children will not respect door hinges or door jambs until it’s too late Never slam doors Do not allow children to be around doorways unsupervised Doorways – Prevention

  33. Common Hand Injuries • Do repair or manipulate garage door springs • Never close a car door or trunk without looking at the hand that’s touching it Leave it to the professionals!

  34. Same rules as doorways Don’t allow children to play around furniture with hinges Make sure you can see your fingertips when folding up chairs or tables Furniture Hinges – Prevention

  35. Be prepared for windows to close suddenly Keep your fingers clear: anticipate that you won’t be able to stop the window from closing all the way Both hands on the window Don’t rush! Drawers and Windows – Prevention

  36. Do not use more weight than you can control Watch your fingertips carefully when handling free weights (and the barbell!) Home Gym -Prevention

  37. NEVER have children in the same room when using a treadmill or exercycle Do not allow children access to exercycles or treadmills; they will play with it when you’re not around and get hurt Home Gym – Prevention

  38. Stop exercising before you get too tired; exhaustion makes it hard to control equipment and more likely you will fall Understand how to get off a move treadmill and how to turn all your equipment off Home Gym – Prevention

  39. Separating fighting animals: you’ll be bitten! If you must separate your pet, grab them by the ankles and pull them away Your Pets – Prevention

  40. If you are bitten, clean the wound with soap and water immediately Then go to an emergency room to have the wound evaluated, start antibiotics and get a tetanus shot Your Pets – Prevention

  41. Animal bite wounds should not be stitched closed; allowing the wound to drain helps prevent deep infection Do not treat the wound by yourself; delay in treatment makes it harder to manage Your Pets – Prevention

  42. If you hurt yourself, seek formal medical attention Going to the emergency room is probably the best choice Important detail: seek immediate assessment by a trained medical professional Medical Guidelines

  43. Bleeding wounds must be cleaned thoroughly Up-to-date tetanus immunization is required for any open injury X-rays must be obtained to see if bones are broken Medical Guidelines

  44. Antibiotics may be appropriate Some injures require surgery: broken bones or cut tendons or nerves Early assessment makes subsequent care easier and safer to plan Medical Guidelines

  45. Understand where the danger lies Use the right equipment Use equipment properly Keep children away TAKE YOUR TIME A Final Word

  46. Resources American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 6300 N. River Road Rosemont, IL 60018

  47. Common Hand Injuries What are your questions and concerns?

  48. Common Hand Injuries Remember, your orthopaedic surgeon can help get you back in the game!

  49. Common Hand Injuries Thank you for participating today Stay safe! Remember, your orthopaedic surgeon can help if you’re hurt