international federation of building and wood workers n.
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International Federation of Building and Wood Workers PowerPoint Presentation
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International Federation of Building and Wood Workers

International Federation of Building and Wood Workers

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International Federation of Building and Wood Workers

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  1. International Federation of Building and Wood Workers

  2. ABOUT US:* Based in Geneva Switzerland, the IFBWW is the Global Union Federation (GUF) protecting more than 10 million members in 287 trade unions in 124 countries around the world in the building, building materials, wood, forestry and allied industries. * The IFBWW`s mission is to promote the development of trade unions in these sectors throughout the world and to promote and enforce workers rights in the context of sustainable development. * IFBWW headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland, where worldwide activities are coordinated with a network of regional offices. * The IFBBWW South Asia Project Office is located at New Delhi in India under the IFBWW Regional Office for Asia-Pacific in Malaysia

  3. Calls on all government to ratify ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles & Rights at Work Campaigns to pressure MNCs to observe workers’ rights through IFBWW Tool Box. Framework Agreements with: a. IKEA b. Hochtief c. Skanska d. Faber Castell e. Ballast Nedam f. Lafarge Social Dialogue with World Bank & International Monetary Fund on core labour standards Forest certification to incorporate core labour standards IFBWW Responses Organising in a Globalised World

  4. Major ActivitiesIFBWW South Asia Project Office • BANGLADESH: 2 Affiliates • NEPAL: 3 Affiliates • SRI LANKA: 2 Affiliates • INDIA: 28 Affiliates • Education • Child Labour Project • Gender Project • IT Training • Occupational Health & Safety • Forestry Programme

  5. Gender Advocacy • In 2001, focused on Skills Training in Developing & Implementing Campaigns • 2002, concentrated on Organising & Recruiting women members • 2003, directed on Occupational Safety & Health • Formation of trade union structures for women participation • Integrated with Child Labour Project also

  6. CHILD LABOUR PROJECT Organising Schooling of child labourers Gender Programmes Project Strategy Adult Literacy Medical Benefits Campaigning

  7. 15 Child Labour Schools supported by FNV,CLC,BAT-KARTEL & CLSC About 2,100 erstwhile child labourers are enrolled One UPGMS child labour school received government recognition CHILD LABOUR PROJECT

  8. Union in Bihar merged child labour school with government school in Majhia, District Kishanganj. Similarly in Punjab the Government took over its School at Village Joura after Union ran it successfully for more than 2 years Significant expansion of membership base and areas of influenced CHILD LABOUR PROJECT

  9. CHILD LABOUR PROJECT • Instrumental in increase of wages of workers and securing other benefits • BMS & UPGMS are represented in their respective state’s government committee on child labour

  10. CHILD LABOUR PROJECT • Recognition of the IFBWW child labour project of no less than the President of India