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Thinksign Interior Brochure

ThinkSign was created in 1998. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the company manufactures high quality LED Display systems or Electronic Message Centers. It is our belief that innovation, research, and superior support will yield your customer the most Return On Investment, and secure our future as a leader in the sign industry. ThinkSign currently has partners on 7 countries and has delivered more than 5,000 displays Worldwide. Remember to use your mind and ThinkSign!

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Thinksign Interior Brochure

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  1. Welcome To A Brighter Future ThinkSign is an innovative, rapidly expanding LED display manufacturer. Our products serve businesses of all sizes in multiple industries with superior LED display systems. It’s a simple idea… 80% of sales come from on-premise signage 68% of purchases are unplanned 25% of daily traffic is new to route Boost sales from 15% to 150% with a bright, attention- grabbing ThinkSign, visible from hundreds of feet away. 2

  2. Where It All Began ThinkSign, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is a premier design and software company that manufactures LED display systems. For 18 years, we have been designing and manufacturing LED display products and have sold over 5,000 electronic messaging centers (EMCs) in all 50 states as well as Canada. We continue to grow and expand our reach, offering innovative technology to provide powerful, easy to use software, superior quality hardware and outstanding support for our customers and partners. 3

  3. City of Louisville, KY

  4. Full Color The Focus display is an all-inclusive, multi-colored indoor and window signage solution that will transform your business storefront. This sign offers indoor convenience with vibrant colors, brightness and legibility. The highly energy efficient Focus solution is engineered for 24x7 operation, has a durable sleek plastic backing and a full array of connectivity and control. If you want an indoor display that has an impressive visual impact with its wide array of colors, then the Focus is the right display for you. 9

  5. Monochromatic Red Reveal is our ideal monochrome indoor and window display solution for retail stores and other businesses. This solution brings the attention- grabbing features of our outdoor displays right to your storefront. The Reveal display is an affordable and sleek design that is capable of playing image and animation, has commercial functionality and a discreet profile. If code or cost restrictions limit your ability to put up an outdoor LED display or an indoor multi-color solution, then the Reveal is the perfect fit to provide what you’re looking for.

  6. Our proprietary software, Smart LED USB, allows you to create beautiful, eye-catching messages quickly and hassle-free. It is the easiest to use software in the industry; free, easy, intuitive, saving you time and money.

  7. ThinkSign offers free animations and images to download and use at any time. Downloads and upgrades are automatic, so your software is always up-to-date. Easy Installation Download Smart LED USB from our website. It’s free and easy to begin creating messages quickly. Our software interface guides you step-by-step through the process. • Access to ThinkSign’s unique library of creative resources • 200+ animations, 1000+ backgrounds for you to get the most out of your message • Always available. Always up-to-date With your ideas and our resources, you can bolster your brand, tailor your message, and promote your business your way - with personal style and endless energy. “We’re able to change the sign in real time, with sales and service specials of the day. We’re seeing immediate walk-in and phone traffic from these specials. The software is easy to use and the quality of the sign makes any graphic very noticeable to those driving by.” - Joe Folck, General Sales Manager, Hubler Chevrolet Inc. Make It Your Own A smart and powerful tool like our auto-resize function makes importing pictures a breeze. Our trim tool allows you to edit videos quickly and easily. No third-party software required.

  8. • No complicated drop-downs; just click on the icon to begin. • No Save, or Save As. Our software automatically saves your work. • Displays large image of the sign you’re working on, so you see your slides clearly. • Scroll easily through all your slides to select the one you want to change. • Control your image size, special effects and more with a click of the mouse. 9

  9. Our Custom Software Will Have You Wishing Everything Could Be This Easy No lists, no drop downs, no complicated steps. Our user-friendly software interface is so simple that no training is needed. Smart LED USB is clear and easy to navigate, saving you time and money. Hard to believe? Download it today. • Add transparent text over pictures or video. • Export single file to USB or local drive for sharing. • Easily schedule each slide by day, time or date range. 10

  10. Promote Your Message The Focus and Reveal window signs are perfect for customers with limited advertising square footage, small retail spaces, malls, and more. They are affordable, easy to use window displays that can be seen from long distances and can penetrate window tint. Lift sales and exposure with ThinkSign’s easy to use window promo signs. 11

  11. Installation & Service • Easy content management controlled remotely from your desk • No training needed. Intuitive, Easy, Plug and Play Software • Free Animations and Clip Art • Holds up to 250 slides 12

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  13. Our Customers Agree We know our customers need a high quality product that is easy to use. That is why we design, manufacture, sell, and support our electronic message centers. Take a look at what our customers said about their experience with ThinkSign: I think of this sign as part of our advertising budget, except instead of running for a month or two, like a print or TV ad, it runs for years for a fraction of the cost! - Peter, Del Papa Distributing ...for me to be able to use the sign and not have to call everytime I want to change it, it says a lot about how easy and user-friendly it is. - Destiny, Dixie Animal Hospital Reliable way of getting specials out, it was worth the investment. - James, Extra Space Storage We’re able to change the sign in real-time with the sales and service specials of the day...The software is easy to use and the quality of the sign makes any graphic very noticeable to those driving by. - Joe, Hubler Chevrolet Inc. 14

  14. 1-877-767-9949 www.ThinkSign.com 5680 Shepherdsville Rd, Louisville, KY

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