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Metro Guard provides rodent, pest and termite control services for many large facilities including food handling areas. We have commercial customers in every suburb and major city throughout DFW. http://www.gotbugs.com/

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  1. Pest Control

  2. What do pests do? Pests can: • Contaminate food (droppings  bacteria)* • Spoil food by eating part of it • Carry disease

  3. Control methods Need to determine: • What mix of pests are present? • What attracts the pest? • What are the particular habits of the pest? • What are the most effective control measures to control or eliminate the pest?

  4. Effective pest control An effective pest control program includes: • Exclusion of pests • Removing food sources by good practices • Controlling pests with appropriate methods • Specific procedures / records

  5. Pest exclusion • Keep doors closed / tight fitting • Minimize gaps • Use door seals / self closers • Keep windows screened / closed • Screen air inlets / exhaust openings • Use air curtains / strip curtains • Netting / eliminate perches for birds • Eliminate cracks / holes in walls • Small cracks harbor insects • New construction often creates spaces

  6. Good Housekeeping • Garbage & spoiled product: clean up • Raw product: bring in “hitch-hikers” • Garbage containers: clean and closed • Building perimeter: remove vegetation / clean / slope away from building • Process eqpt: clean daily after use / clean under / take apart / vacuum electrical

  7. Capture or destruction Traps work by: • Attracting the pest • Attractants vary with pest (smell / curiousity) • Confine the pest • Trip mechanisms / sticky pads • Kill the pest • Baits (outside plant) • Mechanical levers / electric current

  8. Insect control • Physical • UV light attracts insects • Mount at right height / location • Charged electric grids kill insects • Sticky pads hold insects after impact • Chemical • Handle pesticides with care • Use only approved chemicals • Don’t contaminate food • Use correct methods to target pests

  9. Contact Metro Guard Termite and Pest Control • Office Hours7:00am to 9:00pm Monday - Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm Saturdays  • Phone No - 817-572-3995 972-484-3995 • Website - http://www.gotbugs.com/

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