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Thomas Rekem Spending Time Outdoors PowerPoint Presentation
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Thomas Rekem Spending Time Outdoors

Thomas Rekem Spending Time Outdoors

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Thomas Rekem Spending Time Outdoors

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  1. Thomas Rekem Spending Time Outdoors Thomas Rekem loves to spend time outdoors. He enjoys staying active and participates in ultimate Frisbee and other sports. He also enjoys hunting and outdoor photography. He works on computers during the day and looks forward to the time that he gets to go outside and get some fresh air. He has always enjoyed spending time outdoors. He also enjoys traveling to destinations with outdoor attractions such as national parks and wildlife areas.

  2. Thomas Rekem Playing Ultimate Frisbee Thomas Rekem enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee and is part of a league. He played for many years before talking his friends into creating a team and joining the league. He now spends most of his free time playing Frisbee He enjoys practicing with his team as much as he enjoys participating in tournaments. He enjoys traveling with the team as well and playing in new locations. He hopes to continue to improve personally and as a team. He is on a team with many of his close friends and his team is part of a league. He spends almost every weekend playing Frisbee, as long as the weather allows and he finds it is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. He is always looking for more tournaments to enter with his team.

  3. Thomas Rekem Adopting A Dog Thomas Rekem cares about animals and loves help them whenever possible. He donates time and money to animal rescues and has even adopted several pets from rescues. He has a cat and a dog who both came from his local humane society and he found that they were just as loving as a pet brought from a pet store or a breeder. He encourages everyone he knows who is consider adding a pet their families, to consider adopting a cat or dog from a local rescue or shelter.

  4. Thomas Rekem Passionate About Photography Thomas Rekem loves to take pictures. Because he is a web designer, he can use many of those photos on his websites. He also operates a website where he sells the photos he has taken. He travels a lot and loves to take photos outdoors. He enjoys going to national parks and nature reserves and taking photos of the scenery and the wildlife there. He is glad his job allows him to have the time to take photos. He has always loved to travel and take photos of the places he visits. He loves to visit national parks and wildlife areas to take photos of the beautiful scenery these places offer and the plants and animals that thrive there.

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