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  1. MULTIPLE CHOICE The Pit and the Pendulum

  2. 1. What is the famous first line of this story ? There are few persons, even among the calmest thinkers... I was sick-sick unto death with that long agony... The sentence-the dread sentence of death... During the fall of the year 1827...

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  5. 2. What phenomenon does the narrator discuss in great detail? human suffering the subconscious painless death swooning

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  8. 3. What object does the narrator believe he is enclosed in after he recovers from his faint? a tomb a wooden box an even smaller cell a wall

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  11. 4. What object does the narrator attempt to retrieve from his clothing? a lock pick a knife a small bit of food his handkerchief

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  14. 5. When the narrator awoke from his first nap in the chamber, what did he find beside him? a letter and a rope a blanket and soup loaf of bread and a pitcher of water a quill and parchment

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  17. 6. When the narrator explores his prison chamber, he believes it to be a rectangle of 100 yards in circuit. False True

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  20. 7. Daring to walk across the chamber, the narrator trips on the torn hem of his robe and falls. He then makes a discovery that: his calculations were off, the room is 60 yards in circuit his captors have left wine and bread in the middle of the room there is another man in the chamber with him his chin touches the floor, but his lips and upper head didn't touch solid surface

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  23. 8. After the narrator's initial discovery, he becomes convinced there are deep wells throughout the chamber. False True

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  26. 9. Why does a deep sleep overcome the narrator? lack of nutrition the exhaustion of scaling the chamber drugged water the fear brought on by the pit

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  29. 10. The prison cell was constructed out of which material? sandstone brick wood iron

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  32. 11. The narrator is placed upon a wooden framework and bound tightly except for which two body parts? his ankles head and left arm his arms right arm and abdominal area

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  35. 12. A noise coming from the pit attracts the narrator's attention. What animal began to issue from the hole? large, black bugs birds rats mice

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  38. 13. The narrator suddenly becomes aware of a swinging pendulum descending very slowly from the ceiling. True False

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  41. 14. The pendulum was meant to cross which part of the body? face heart stomach brain

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  44. 15. Within sweeps of the deadly device, the narrator states that he did what for the first time in days? smiled prayed cried thought

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  47. 16. The narrator believes that he can be freed from his bondage by letting the pendulum sweep across and cut the cords off of him. True False

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  50. 17. How soon after the narrator frees himself do his captors imprison him once more? after several hours 5 minutes later less than 1 minute nearly a half an hour later