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The British Military Way or “I’ve Got a Project for You” PowerPoint Presentation
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The British Military Way or “I’ve Got a Project for You”

The British Military Way or “I’ve Got a Project for You”

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The British Military Way or “I’ve Got a Project for You”

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  1. The British Military Wayor“I’ve Got a Project for You” Tim Wilson Lt Col (Retd)

  2. When you said “Mine”, I thought you meant the coffee!

  3. RIP FabrizzioQuattrocchi 1968-2004

  4. Kidnapping and Ransom: Analysis • Kidnapping Statistics • 98% of all kidnappings occur within ½ mile of the victim’s home or office • 85% of kidnappings happen with the help of people who are close to the victim • 90% of kidnapping victims survive • 80% of kidnapping victims receive food and water • Mexico has one of the highest rates of kidnapping in the world • Kidnappers and their accomplices often do surveillance of their possible victims for 2 to 3 weeks before the commit the act of kidnapping CMME 2011

  5. Kidnapping and Ransom: AnalysisIncrease in Reported and Unreported Kidnappings in Mexico, 2008 to 2009 Source: EFE News Agency, Mexico, 2010 CMME 2011

  6. Kidnapping and Ransom: Analysis Outcomes for Victims CMME 2011

  7. Kidnapping and Ransom: A Risk Management Process CMME 2011

  8. Kidnapping and Ransom: Avoidance Avoid making yourself a target • Keep personal information private • Don’t carry business cards, family pictures and credit cards in your wallet (this will prevent an express kidnapping from becoming a traditional kidnapping) • Don’t give business cards to people that you don’t know • Eliminate your name and voice from your voicemail and cell phone answering protocol Know your neighbors Don’t reveal information to people unless they need to know Check the backgrounds of everyone that works for you Remain alert at all times, don’t get distracted Park in safe, open, well lit places with spaces between cars Don’t stay in your parked car Keep your keys in your hand CMME 2011

  9. Kidnapping and Ransom: Prevention • Change your routines • Often kidnappers will do surveillance to find out when you are most vulnerable. Change the following: • The times of departures and arrivals • The days of the week • The travel routes • Destinations • Methods of transportation (car, SUV, etc.) • Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings • Watch for someone following you. • Keep the vehicle in “drive” and engine running • Engage the automatic door locks • Keep vehicle windows closed or only slightly open CMME 2011

  10. Kidnapping and Ransom: Minimize the Harm • Virtual kidnappings… someone who sells you a false story • “We have your daughter and you’ll never see them again unless you deposit $$ in XX bank account.” • “We know where you live. We are going to kill you if you don’t pay.” • “I am looking at you right now. I’m going to kill you if you don’t make a deposit $$.” CMME 2011

  11. Kidnapping and Ransom: Minimize the Harm • Virtual Kidnapping • Many experts agree that you should… • Say, “give me your number and I’ll call you right away” and hang up. • Don’t answer the phone again. • Locate your family immediately. • Get a caller ID. • Install an answering machine for calls that you don’t recognize. • Don’t give out any personal or family information. CMME 2011

  12. Kidnapping and Ransom: Minimize the HarmRansom Negotiations BREAK POINT ULTIMATUM VIOLENCE VICTIM RELEASED TIME

  13. Kidnapping and Ransom: Minimize the Harm Kidnapping and Ransom (K & R) Insurance • Costs/Premiums • If it leaks out that an employer has this coverage • It may increase the likelihood that kidnappers will target employees covered by this insurance • It may increase kidnapper’s demands • The policy may be cancelled • Benefits: • Loss prevention/how to avoid kidnappings • Handle ransom negotiations • Reimbursement for ransom payments, medical expenses, etc. • Frequency • 68% of kidnappings in Latin America are not covered by K & R insurance • 60% of employers have K & R coverage for some executives (Source: The Steele Foundation, 2006) CMME 2011

  14. Sources, References, and Recommended Further Reading AmCham (2010). The Impact of Security on the Corporate Environment: For a Culture of Prevention 2nd, Ed. American Chamber of Commerce. Mexico City, Mexico. Auerbach, A. H. 2009. Ransom: The untold story of International Kidnapping. Holt Publishing. Bolz, F., Dudonis, K. J., & Schulz, D. P. 2005. The counterterrorism handbook: tactics, procedures, and techniques. Boca Raton, FL. CRC Press. Clegg, Brett, & Gray. S. J. 2002. Australian expatriates in Thailand: some insights for expatriate management policies  The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 13, 598-623. Clayton Consultants, Inc. (2007). Personal Security Handbook. 2007. Clayton Consultants, Inc. (2009, August). Threat Rate Risk Management. (2009, August) K & R and Extortion Monitor. Clayton Consultants, Inc. (2010) Kidnap Risk Brief: Annual Report Analyzing Global Kidnapping Trends, Statistics, and Tactics. Durand, A. (2006). Kidnap, ransom, security, and insurance gain importance in today’s business world. Caribbean Business, 34, 29., Elango, B., Graff, L. A., & Hemmasi, M. 2008. Reducing the Risk of Becoming the Victim of Terrorism While on International Business Assignments. Simulation and Gaming, 39, 540-557. Harvey, M. G. 1993. A survey of corporate programs for managing terrorists threats. Journal of International Business Studies, 24, 465-478. Norona, C. S. (2004). Kidnapping: What to do when you receive the call. A Presentation for ASIS International, Dallas, Texas. Overseas Security Advisory Counsel (2008). Surveillance Recognition. (2008). U. S. Department of State. Ortega Sánchez José Antonio. (2009). 20 Años de Secuestros en México [TwentyYears of Kidnappings in Mexico]. Consejo Ciudadano para la Seguridad Pública y la Justicia Penal A.C. México D.F. Pinkertons (2008). Autoprotection Personal Para Ejecutivos, Preventino de AmenanzasDelictivas. Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations (Mexico City; Mexico). Stratfor Global Intelligence. (2009). Global Intelligence and Security Report. (2009). The Steele Foundation. (2006). Kidnapping a Big Business on the Rise in Mexico. Wright, R. P. 2009. Kidnap for Ransom: Resolving the Unthinkable. Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press. CMME 2011

  15. Own goal?