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Who Am I

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Who Am I

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  1. Cell Parts Review Who Am I

  2. Who Am I?- Paired cylindrical organelles near nucleus- Composed of nine tubes, each with three tubules- Involved in cellular division- Lie at right angles to each other Centrioles

  3. Who Am I?I am cell organelles that consist of RNA and proteins. I am responsible for producing the proteins of the cell. Ribosome

  4. Who Am I?-I Store and keep genetic information to help the production and growth of the cell. Nucleus

  5. Who Am I?-I Decide what goes in and out of animal & plant cells, basically is the boundary. Plasma Membrane

  6. Who Am I?-I Modifyand package proteins out of the cell. I am also involved in the transport of lipids around the cell

  7. Who Am I?-Uses photosynthesis to create sugar from the sun light.

  8. Who Am I?-I am a membranous system located near the nucleus. I have ribosomes attached to my surface. I am involved in the synthesis of proteins in plant and animal cells.

  9. Who Am I?-I am a membranous system located near the nucleus. I am involved in various processes including the synthesis of fatty acids and the detoxification of chemicals such as drugs and alcohol.

  10. Who Am I?-Storage area especially in the plant cell.

  11. Who Am I?-I Protect and maintain theplant cell.

  12. Who Am I?-I Give support and movement of the cell.

  13. Who Am I?- A plastid usually found in plant cells- Contain green chlorophyll where photosynthesis takes place

  14. Who am I I am basically the substance that fills the cell. I am a jelly-like material that is located in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

  15. Who am I? I am single-membrane organelles that hold digestive or hydrolytic enzymes. My function is to digest food or break down the cell when it dies. Lysosomes