welcome to the lady sailor service club 2009 2010 n.
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Welcome to the Lady Sailor Service Club 2009 – 2010! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Lady Sailor Service Club 2009 – 2010!

Welcome to the Lady Sailor Service Club 2009 – 2010!

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Welcome to the Lady Sailor Service Club 2009 – 2010!

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  1. Welcome to the Lady Sailor Service Club2009 – 2010! We are excited to start the new year! 9/8/09

  2. Agenda • Welcome! • Your officers • What is the Lady Sailor Service Club? • Service hours • Socials • Fundraisers • Forms, etc… Due next meeting! • Applications • Interviews • Dues • A word from Dr. Crihfield • Contact Information

  3. Officers: President – Kylie Sterling Vice President – Emma Ball Secretary – Kristen Trinh Treasurer – Marissa Delany Sponsor – Dr. Crihfield Relay for Life captains: Kylie Sterling, Emma Ball, Kristen Trinh Historian: Danielle Kling We are also looking for a social director, KIVA and one or two more Relay for Life officers. Please talk to a present officer if you are interested!

  4. The Lady Sailor Service Club is an all girls volunteer club that focuses on helping the community, learning about leadership, making new friends, and having fun. LSSC has 2 meetings a month, usually on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday- at the next meeting, you will receive a paper with all the meeting dates on it. These meetings will be held in this room (Dr. Crihfield’s), and will almost always end at 3 o’clock. The three main parts of our club are: service projects, socials, and fundraisers.

  5. Service Projects: These are our focus; you are required 5 hours per month, which can be done through the projects that we do (outside school) as a club, about one Saturday a month, or on your own (must be approved). We will also have Volunteer of the Month awards this year! Our project for this month is going to be a SPARCC/animal-food donation. You will receive your 5 hours of the month if you bring in a bag of old clothes, jewelry, books, etc. (SPARCC) or a good-sized bag of dog or cat food (ANIMAL). If you do both, you can get an extra 2 hours. Please bring all donations to the next meeting. We will be having a tacky-outfit contest (like last year) at the next meeting, so expect it to run to 3:15/3:30.

  6. Socials: The purpose of a social is to give us time to bond as a group, maybe during an outing to the beach or a pool party. They will probably be before or after a few of our projects.We are currently looking for a social director. Fundraisers: These will be held periodically throughout the year, usually as carwashes or bake sales. We generally use our fundraisers for Relay for Life (our April project and biggest project of the year), which we will begin to talk about in detail at the next few meetings, and to raise money so we are able to continue the club.

  7. Forms, etc... All due by the next meeting! • Applications • Do NOT turn this back in unless it is COMPLETE • Make sure to have your parent sign the consent form (this is the most important part!) • Please keep the front page- it is for you! • Interview Date and Time • New Members ONLY! Please pick a day/time • Dues • $10… Unfortunately, we need them to keep our club running and to buy t-shirts for you

  8. And now… A Word from Dr. Crihfield E-mail: Website (for updates, etc.):

  9. Officer Contact Information: President, Kylie Sterling (941) 735-9841 Vice President, Emma Ball (941) 376-2233 Secretary, Kristen Trinh (941) 726-3471 Treasurer, Marissa Delany (941) 961-0297

  10. NEXT MEETING:September 22nd See you there!!