lawless family s o s ace project 2012 n.
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LAWLESS FAMILY S.O.S Ace project 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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LAWLESS FAMILY S.O.S Ace project 2012

LAWLESS FAMILY S.O.S Ace project 2012

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LAWLESS FAMILY S.O.S Ace project 2012

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  1. Brady Wooden LAWLESS FAMILYS.O.S Ace project 2012

  2. Found at: 42°S, 73°W

  3. Last Seen: Mexico

  4. Clue 1 • Bottle Analysis • The sample in the bottle shows traces of salt, bauxite, graphite, and coal dust. There was also a trace of ilmenite, a titanium ore. • Recovered Text • Our CSI laboratory analysis was able to decipher the washed-away writing on the message enclosed in the bottle. The pressure used when writing the note left some letter indentations that gave us some clues to the sections missing. Here is what we deciphered: “ There are mountains here. The soil seems quite fertile. There are also rivers that flow into the sea.”

  5. Minerals Bauxite Graphite Rock Salt

  6. Clue 2 • Bottle analysis • There was evidence of several distinct plants (flora) in the bottle. There was a piece of clove and a fragment of a vanilla plant. There were some bark samples that we identified as coming from the baobab tree. There were also minute pieces of a coffee bean. • Recovered Text • “The forest is quite dense, but beautiful. There are thousands of different orchids growing on the trees.” • “It’s very hot and very humid here. The moisture seems to hang in the air.”

  7. Plants Baobab Tree Clover

  8. Clue 3 Bottle Analysis The bottle contained fur we identified as coming from 3 different kinds of lemurs. One is the brown fur lemur, the second is the mongoose lemur, and the last is the aye-aye, an endangered lemur. Recovered Text “ There are strange animals here. One comes out only at night, but it has one long finger on each hand. It uses it to poke into rotted wood looking for insects. It uses its long fingers to open up coconuts, too.” “ At night, we also occasionally see large grayish cats. They’re about 5 feet long including their tails.” “ we stay out of the rivers here because of the crocodiles.” Letter Analysis On the note we found evidence of urine from an Indri Monkey.

  9. Animals Brown Fur Lemur Aye-Aye Lemur Mongoose Lemur

  10. Clue 4 • Recovered Text • There was a lot of damage to the bottom of the note. However, using several techniques we were able to recover the following text. • “ Using a crude sundial we were able to figure out our approximate latitude. It is 18 degrees.” “ Please find us soon! We look up at the Southern Cross each night and hope that it will guide your rescue ships to us.”

  11. Map of where they were last seen, where the bottle was found at, and where they are They are located at Madagascar