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The Missing Dog

The Missing Dog

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The Missing Dog

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  1. The Missing Dog By: Ariel Piazza

  2. Christopher Daughton was on his way home from school one day with his best friend, Amy Saunders. It was a shiny, Friday afternoon in his neighborhood.

  3. He dropped his book bag on the front step and they headed for Amy’s house across the street. There he met up with Vida and Jacobs.

  4. When the friends were hanging out, they heard a loud cry from down the street. “I have a hunch that’s Lady Majore!” declared Jacobs. AHHHH!

  5. Pounding the pavement, the squad ran to Lady Majore’s house. She was the sweet, French lady that always gave them sweets, treasures and had the cutest little dog the children adored.

  6. “What’s wrong Lady Majore?” asked Vida when they reached her porch. She was sobbing, in her rocking chair.

  7. “Oh my dears it’s the worst thing, it appears my little miss Carrie is missing. I cannot find her anywhere.”

  8. GASP! The children looked at each other and said in unison, “We’ll find her for you! You can count on us! We’re detectives.”

  9. No matter what this crime was to be solved; they were determined. The children began to ask around and see if anyone was a witness to this terrible crime.

  10. But sadly, no one saw or heard Lady Majore’s dog in distress. Most people say that Carrie, the poodle, was just sitting on the front porch by herself.

  11. “This is one tough mystery,” said Amy. Just then, she had found her first clue. It was Carrie’s collar! And it was in Mr. Marith’s front yard!

  12. OH NO! Mr. Marith was the quiet, old and odd man that lived across the street from Lady Majore. Maybe he did it, thought Christopher.

  13. The children knocked on Mr. Marith’s front door. When he answered, they began to ask questions. Jacobs asked the suspect, “Did you take Lady Majore’s poodle, seeing that you don’t like the little yapper in the first place…”

  14. Mr. Marith smiled, laughed and said, “Why, of course not. Yes, I don’t like that dog, but Lady Majore is a sweet old lady. I would never do such a thing. Plus, I just got home from the grocery store.”

  15. Vida was near the old car in Mr. Marith’s driveway. “Hey guys… his car’s hood is still hot.”

  16. RATS! “Okay, thank you Mr. Marith.” said Christopher and Jacobs. The children were getting worried. Who could have taken the dog?!

  17. “Who would have a motive to steal Lady Majore’s dog?” questioned Amy.

  18. Just then, Vida found little muddy paw prints in the lawn. “I think I know where Carrie is!”

  19. AWAY WE GO!  The four of them raced across Mr. Marith’s lawn toward the bushes near the next house. (bushes)

  20. A quiet yelping came from the bushes. It was Carrie! They found the dog!

  21. “I guess she just ran away because she felt lonely," laughed Christopher. The kids brought Carrie back to Lady Majore.

  22. “Oh, Merci Bouquet! Thank you children! I promise I’ll never leave you outside, alone, ever again!” exclaimed Lady Majore as she hugged her little dog.

  23. “Why…would you children like some treats? You’ve done so well! You really are little detectives!”

  24. HOORAY! The kids high fived each other and headed for her kitchen, where she kept the lemon bars, small sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies. Taking a cookie and sandwich, Jacobs smiled and said, “You know, I could get used to this.”