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Sponsor UROP ZWORLD Corp. W. M. Berg Corp. PowerPoint Presentation
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Sponsor UROP ZWORLD Corp. W. M. Berg Corp.

Sponsor UROP ZWORLD Corp. W. M. Berg Corp.

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Sponsor UROP ZWORLD Corp. W. M. Berg Corp.

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Advisor • Professor David J. Reinkensmeyer • Sponsor • UROP • ZWORLD Corp. • W. M. Berg Corp.

  2. Goal • The goal of the project is the construction of a robotic system that performs rehabilitation exercise for patients suffering from cerebral palsy or stroke. • Feedback of patients’ results is graphed and analyzed.

  3. Characteristics of a successful design. Reliable and Safe Accurate Economic Compact Enjoyable and Motivating Challenging Project Specifications

  4. 3 degrees of freedom position control movement via C programming mechanical design feedback of all touched 3D positions polar coordinates are plotted and saved Basic Issues

  5. Integration of motors with ZWORLD microcontroller PC and microcontroller interfacing and data transfer Robust, yet compact chassis Gearing issues Modification of a motorized car antenna Positioning of touch sensor plate Existing Issues

  6. Touch sensor Stepper motor and PC integration Range of motion and reach from car antenna ZWORLD demo board Power supply Safety and reliability Preliminary Test Plans

  7. Torque Gear ratio Antenna traverse speed Workspace Requirements Power requirements ZWORLD Driver board motors touch sensor TTL output signal conversion Calculations

  8. Possible Designs Geo-Dome LEGO MindStorms Rug Warrior

  9. Definition Strength reliable accurate fun, enjoyable Weakness expensive difficult to make, set up no portability Geo-Dome

  10. Definition Strength easy to set up reliable portable inexpensive Weakness lack of versatility weak structure lack of hardware feedback\data-acquisition difficult for position control LEGO MindStorms

  11. Definition Strength small mobile easy assembly already integrated electronics and hardware Weakness expensive difficult position feedback require severe modifications Rug Warrior

  12. Cartesian/Polar carpet Doggy leash 2 bar linkage “Flock of Birds” by Ascension Technology Local GPS Infrared position control Position Tracking of Mobile Designs

  13. Stationary robotic arm accurate stepper motors and driver board Proposed Solutions

  14. antenna for reach and touch sensor for input • specifically selected electronics for control • ability to record performance quantitative data

  15. Programming Mechanical Design Calibrations Issues to be Resolved

  16. Proposed Time Table

  17. Proposed Budget

  18. The goal of the project is to help people in the rehabilitation process by allowing them to exercise their arm and to obtain quantitative results to in mapping of patient’s workspace. Conclusion