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Timeline (Pgs. 462-463) PowerPoint Presentation
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Timeline (Pgs. 462-463)

Timeline (Pgs. 462-463)

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Timeline (Pgs. 462-463)

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  1. Timeline (Pgs. 462-463) (a) Name two American events during the decade 1850-1860 that relate to the conflict over slavery. (b) Explain how these events might have set the stage for the Civil War. (a) What key Civil War event occurred in 1863? (b) What does this event suggest about the course of the war? (a) Looking at both American and World Events, name two key sporting events that occurred during the decade of 1870-1880. (b) What is the importance of these events to us today? (a) What important battle was fought by America in 1890? (b) In what way did this battle indicate that the frontier period was ending? (a) Name two developments in transportation that occurred during the early 1900’s. (b) What impact did these developments have?

  2. Timeline (Pgs. 462-463)Critical Viewing • What doest the portrait of Frederick Douglass suggest about the writer’s character? Explain. • What details in the picture of the Statue of Liberty (1886) suggest that its dedication was a festive occasion? • Which has more in common with its modern replacement, the first plane (1903) or the first mass-produced car (1908)?

  3. Division, Reconciliation, and Expansion (464-471) • What major transformation did America undergo in the years between 1850-1914? • In what way did the Civil War surprise both sides? • What three factors combined to transform the West in the years after the Civil War? • Why did Mark Twain call the late 1800’s “The Gilded Age”?

  4. Division, Reconciliation, and Expansion (464-471) Critical Thinking- 1. Why was literature such an important part of the conflict? • If America had been a smaller country, without a frontier, how might its history have been different? • What were drawbacks to America’s industrialization and expansion?

  5. Division, Reconciliation, and Expansion (464-471) • Literature of the Period- • What sources provide a detailed record of the Civil War from the perspective of those who experienced it? • What are two qualities that make Lincoln’s speeches and letters so memorable? • Which region of the country most influenced Mark Twain’s colorful language and use of humorous exaggeration? • (a) In literature, what is Realism? (b) What event turned American writers toward Realism? • (a) Which literary movement was an offshoot of Realism? (b) What did writers in this new movement attempt to do?