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My favourite place

My favourite place. Thank you for watching . . 1 . The Theater of Oldřich Ctibor. This is my favourite theater . This is the best theater in Olomouc . I go there to watch some plays or concerts . It is l ocated on the Upper Square in Olomouc. 2. Book shop - Kosmas.

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My favourite place

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  1. My favouriteplace Thankyouforwatching. 

  2. 1. TheTheaterof Oldřich Ctibor Thisis my favouritetheater. This is the best theater in Olomouc. Igo thereto watch some playsor concerts.Itis locatedon the Upper Square in Olomouc.

  3. 2. Bookshop - Kosmas Thisis my favouritebookshop. Whenever you wantthe book you do nothave, I will be subscribing to the shop. Itis locatedin the Ostružnická street in Olomouc.

  4. 3. Japonsko Japan is a very interesting country. It does not matter which part I prefer, is very remarkable whole. Just think how many have you seen interesting technology.

  5. 4. Paris Paris is a city whichisrich in amazing fashion and art and I like it.

  6. 5.School Komenium This my school. I go into it mainly because of friends. Itisin the street 8.května in Olomouc.

  7. Sourcesofimages • Theatreis my photo. • http://www.paris.cz/ • http://www.japonsko24.cz/japonsko-%E2%80%93-zeme-vychazejiciho-slunce-6 • http://divadelni-krouzek.mypage.cz/menu/aktualni-inscenace • http://www.kosmas.cz/info/knihkupectvi-olomouc

  8. Thankyouforwatching.!!    Thankyou!   

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