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Contractor Safety

Contractor Safety

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Contractor Safety

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  1. Contractor Safety Keith Washington Safety Manager Valero Refining Co.

  2. Contractor Safety Overview Contractor Philosophy Weekly Safety Professional Meeting Contractor Safety Forum Mentoring Program Behavior Based Safety Contractor VPP Involvement Contractor Recognition Program

  3. Contractor Philosophy Contractors are empowered to take charge of their own safety. Contractors agree to work as a group (even competitors) for the common goal of safety. Everyone is a member of the Safety Department. Contract safety works very closely with Valero safety; One Safety Department at Valero.

  4. Weekly Safety Professional Meeting • Purpose of the Meeting: • Review any incidents and injuries that have occurred in the Valero circuit or locally. Also review any major incidents in the industry. • Talk about projects or events occurring in the plant. • Give everyone an opportunity to talk about safety and identify any potential issues or concerns. • All contract safety personnel or their representative are encouraged to attend.

  5. Contractor Safety Forum • Objectives: • Through proactive, collective efforts, ensure a safe workplace is available, and that best work practices are followed. • To get information on safety issues and provide feedback to every contract worker in the field. • How They Do It • Information/discussion/safety presentations on a large scale with Valero participation. • Three sub-groups bring up issues and develop solutions (elected leadership). • Leaders group: provides direction and administers self discipline.

  6. Contractor Safety Forum • Contractor Safety Performance Index (CSPI) • Work permit compliance • Incident/traffic (debit system) • Audit program (% + bonus) • Bonuses for excellence • Other Activities • Energy Isolation Committee • Safety & Health Steering Committee • Annual Contractor Golf Tournament

  7. Contractor Safety Performance Index

  8. Contractor Recognition Program • Audit Card of the Month - Presented at the CSF • Safety Slogan of the Month - Presented at the CSF • Contractor of the Month Safety Award • Nominated and voted on by peers through the Contractor Safety Forum (CSF) sub-groups. Award presented at the monthly CSF meeting.

  9. Contractor Recognition Program • Contractor of the Year Safety Award • Awarded by peer selection committee and annual safety performance. • Award ceremony held and awards presented. • Periodic Safety Achievement Recognition

  10. Contractor Mentoring Program • Purpose of Mentoring Program: • Show new company how system (i.e., permitting, JHA) works at Benicia to hopefully avoid any misunderstandings of policies and procedures that could lead to an injury. • Any new contractor coming to work at Valero Benicia must be mentored by an approved contractor or the Safety Department. • Contract companies, even competitors, are linked by trade as much as possible. • Contractors get bonus points in the CSPI for mentoring. • Mentor checklist is used and signed.

  11. Contractor Mentoring Program The Mentor shall provide adequate details in the matters of policy and purpose issues to allow the contractor to make good decisions.

  12. Contractor Behavior Based Safety Contractors are trained in the Observation Process. Contractors perform observations on their own personnel and other companies, including Valero employees. Process maintains a “No Name No Blame” philosophy. Observation data is shared with individual companies about their at-risk behaviors. Contractor observation data is shared weekly with all contractors.

  13. Contractor VPP Process • Background: • Resident contractors were very involved with Valero’s certification. (Management Leadership and Employee Involvement Element). • Some contractors are working on their VPP readiness simultaneously with Valero. • After Valero certification, numerous contractors started their VPP journey. • Valero had its first contractor obtain VPP STAR certification in October 2007, making Valero Benicia a Multi-employer STAR site.

  14. Contractor VPP Process • Benefits • The Host site gets another partner to help them maintain and improve their VPP process. • The contract company gets recognized as a leader at the site. • Both companies know they can count on each other to be the safest they can possibly be. • The more partners in safety you have the better the outlook.

  15. Contractor Safety Conclusion Contractor Philosophy Weekly Safety Professional Meeting Contractor Safety Forum Mentoring Program Behavior Based Safety Contractor VPP Involvement Contractor Recognition Program