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  1. TEST TAKING Finding Out What You Know

  2.  THE TEST  • Why fear the exam? • View as an “opportunity” • Athletes train because they want to play in the game, shouldn’t students WANT to take the exam? It’s time this professor found out exactly what I know! Test Taking

  3. PREPARING FOR AN EXAMINATIONPreparation • Know the test format • Form a study plan • Find a relaxation technique that works for you • Use a study partner or study group (not a social group) Test Taking

  4. PREPARING FOR AN EXAMINATIONPractice • Use study aids (note cards, recordings) • Use practice exams if available (WebCT, study guides) • Get experience with the type of questions being asked • Utilize textbook study guides (especially if the instructor states that questions will be similar) Test Taking

  5. DURING THE EXAMINATION • Review the exam packet before beginning • Plan on how much time you will allocate to each section • Read the directions carefully • Do not waste time on items you do not know • Unless you are penalized for guessing, do not leave questions blank Test Taking

  6. EXAM QUESTION FORMATS • True / False • Multiple Choice • Completion (Fill-in-the-Blank) • Essays • Calculation Test Taking

  7. TEST QUESTIONSTrue / False Questions • To be true, all parts of question must be true • Guess (unless penalized); you have a 50% chance • Definitive words such as all, always, never, only, and none tend to be used in FALSE statements • Qualifying words such as frequently, sometimes, often, many, and mostly tend to be used in TRUE statements Test Taking

  8. TEST QUESTIONSMultiple Choice Questions • Eliminate as many incorrect answers as possible • Pay attention to the effects of “none of the above” and “all of the above” • Read the “stem” of the question carefully Test Taking

  9. TEST QUESTIONSCompletion (Fill-in-the-Blank) Questions • Many of these questions relate to definitions • Try to remember what terms were used in class Test Taking

  10. TEST QUESTIONSEssay Questions • Points are often lost when the student does not read the question carefully • Underline key requests in the question • Outline your answer (at least in your mind) before writing it out Test Taking

  11. TEST QUESTIONSEssay Question Key Words Test Taking

  12. TEST QUESTIONSEssay Question Tips • Make your answer neat and organized • Structure your paragraphs: • Topic sentence • Body • Conclusion • Exclude your opinion unless requested • Leave space for additions Test Taking

  13. TEST QUESTIONSCalculation Problems • Show each step in the calculation sequentially • Show as much of your work (as possible for partial credit) • Eliminate calculations not used Test Taking

  14. TYPICAL EXAMINATION RULES • Do not sit near acquaintances or friends. • Hats with brims or visors are not permitted. • Calculators should be removed from their jackets. • Clear your desk of unnecessary items. • When not recording answers, conceal your answer sheet from those around you. • If you must leave the room, leave your examination with the proctor. • Show all of your calculations for the problems on the answer sheet. • Backpacks, books, and purses should be placed aside. • Mobile phones should be left in backpacks and turned off. Test Taking

  15. AFTER THE EXAMINATION • Don’t congregate in the hallway to discuss the exam • Don’t pester the professor regarding results • Don’t dwell on a bad performance I can’t believe I am such a loser! Test Taking

  16. ELECTRONIC TESTING • Many professors now use electronic instruction software such as Blackboard • Texas Tech has a license agreement with Blackboard Test Taking


  18. BLACKBOARD COURSE TOOLS • Blackboard accommodates several instructional tools: • Course Content • Assessments (Exams) • Announcements • Calendar • Discussion Boards • Grades Test Taking

  19. BLACKBOARD ASSESSMENT TOOL Matching question Fill in the Blank question Test Taking

  20. BLACKBOARD ASSESSMENT TOOL Multiple-Choice question Calculation question Test Taking