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Digital Media Marketing in Dubai PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Media Marketing in Dubai

Digital Media Marketing in Dubai

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Digital Media Marketing in Dubai

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  1. Digital Media Marketing in Dubai Advertising has a social and psychological impact on the person, but her perception of the opposite sexes is not equal. The impact is due to the color, visual and sound character, texts used in advertising. The ad text is the most important function of the impact of the many other functions of language. Effective the same effect is not possible without an exact calculation of these or other promotional text will be calculated on what kind of audience. Digital Media Marketing in Dubai, written "in general", without taking into account the specifics of people's consumer goods and advertising, their desires, preferences and capabilities - is unlikely to be effective. Generally, in the linguistic competence affects a huge number of different factors, so the advertising texts drawn up taking into account the social status, profession, age, gender. Next, we consider the gender perception of the advertising text. The same Advertising Agencies in Dubai copy can cause a variety of emotional responses in men and women. For example, in the perception of the advertising text, aimed at helping children, women often feel anger and resentment on the plight of children, while the men in the perception of the text are experiencing anxiety. In many social advertising texts differentiation of spheres of activity of women and men in conformity with the common gender stereotypes. Digital Media Marketing in Dubai texts in Russian, dedicated to the payment of taxes, and

  2. business, relate to men's activities and is directly addressed to the male audience: "Pay taxes - sleep well", and promotional texts on family planning and fertility, suggest that this Domain women, often in assessing its moral categories. Currently, the image of women being transformed under the influence of changes taking place in their social and professional position - the woman becomes active, away from the usual roles of wife, mother, tries to realize himself as a person. In Russia, the activation and self-realization of women in public and professional spheres has not yet found a decent display in the media, including the public service. As a powerful agent of visual image attracts the attention of the recipient, is willingness to engage in communicative contact. According to the psychology of image advertising is perceived and understood, rather than text. It is compressed global content of the text. If the commercial Social Media Markeing in Dubai is often advertised product (its image as a demonstration of its use, purpose, operation, etc.), the public service image conveys a moment or element of a social situation, or points to a person in need of assistance, that is affected human factor. Do you have a FB Fanpage we can "Like"? Ours is For more Information click the link Below: