lawn maintenance that you should do during n.
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Lawn Maintenance That You Should Do During Different Season PowerPoint Presentation
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Lawn Maintenance That You Should Do During Different Season

Lawn Maintenance That You Should Do During Different Season

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Lawn Maintenance That You Should Do During Different Season

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  1. Lawn Maintenance That You Should Do During Different Season

  2. Caring for your lawn requires time and attention. But if you don’t have enough time to care for your lawn, you may opt to get service from landscaping company and let them do the job for you. Lawn care needed a proper timing if you want to achieve the best result. Below is the recommended timing that you should do in maintaining the health of your loan:

  3. A beautiful and healthy lawn is perfectly paired by colorful spring garden. Mowing – The goal is to keep your lawn at the same height so you should mow regularly to prevent cutting more than 1/3 height of the grass blade at a time. Raking – Make sure to remove all the twigs and leaves that have acquired over the winter season to make way for your fertilizers. Feeding – Achieve a stronger, thicker, and greener grasses using a good long term fertilizer, this is best applied when the soil is moist or when rain is forecasted. Seeding – Yearly up to a quarter of the grass in your lawn can die, so sowing a new grass into your precious lawn can improve the lawn’s thickness, and will reduce the risk of moss and weed.

  4. Summer months are all about lawn upkeep because of the good weather. Mowing – Keep in mind that during the hot season, you should avoid cutting your grass too short as the grass may lose all its nutrients. Watering – Water the soil frequently since the soil will tend to dry easily because of the hot weather. Water the grass in the early morning and night-time to avoid water evaporation. Feeding – This will always depend on the weather during the summer season. For: Cool, wet summer - Apply moss/weed killer and fertilizer during late spring until autumn. Warm, dry summer – A decent amount of additional fertilizer applications will be needed because of the nutrient drain during hot summer season.

  5. Fallen leaves of the autumn season can suffocate your lawn if not remove. Aerating – High traffic areas in your lawn such as your child’s play areas can become compacted which can result in drainage problems. This is the best time to aerate your lawn using a garden fork. Raking – It is crucial to remove dead moss and thatch by raking the surface of your lawn using a lawn rake, it’s because a thick layer of leaves can cause lawn disease and weaken your grass. Mowing – It’s ideal to leave the grass a bit higher than the usual, as the grass won’t be growing much over the colder months during the winter season. Feeding – Use an autumn lawn fertilizer that is high in potash and phosphates.

  6. When it comes to lawn maintenance, it’s not just about watering, seeding, and mowing, it’s also important to know that timing can be everything. There are different seasons in a year where caring for your lawn requires a different approach and may vary in different things.

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