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Hot Stone Massage - A Great Massage Technique

Hot Stone Massage - A Great Massage Technique

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Hot Stone Massage - A Great Massage Technique

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  1. Hot Stone Massage - A Great Massage Technique

  2. Hot Stone Massage Therapy, once thought of as a spa treatment, is becoming more and more popular in a clinical, therapeutic settings. The basics of the treatment remain the same. Lava stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and used throughout the massage to provide heat and relaxation to further loosen up tight muscles. The difference I find, lies in the techniques used. In most spa treatments I have experienced, the stones are placed on the body to heat up specific areas and then removed when the massage begins. Very rarely have I noticed the stones being used in correlation with the massage techniques themselves.

  3. Massage Therapists are trained to use the heated stones along with massage techniques, alternating between the stone and their hands. Using the heat along with massage loosens the muscles quicker and provides a sense of fluidity in the treatment. Although hot stone massage can be beneficial all year-round, I personally enjoy it most during the cooler months.

  4. Just like regular massage, each individual has a preferred pressure as well as temperature. Even though the stones are quickly dipped in water to cool them off, they can still be a little too hot. Make sure you communicate with your therapist if you are uncomfortable in any way. Communication is key in any treatment you are receiving. I also find that with the heat, clients can be a little more tender a day or two after. I always advise them to have a nice soak in the tub after any massage and make sure you drink lots of water, especially after a hot stone massage.

  5. There are some contraindications to hot stone massage: Hot stones are not indicated in any trimester of pregnancy and especially within the first. Increasing the moms temperature will also increase the baby's and this could be dangerous to both. Anyone with a heart condition, increased blood pressure or heart disease. The heat increases blood pressure and can cause further damage in those with heart conditions Any acute injury that has indication of swelling. Heat increases swelling which in turn causes pain.

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