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Women Effect Investments Initiative Bringing a Gender Lens to Investing PowerPoint Presentation
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Women Effect Investments Initiative Bringing a Gender Lens to Investing

Women Effect Investments Initiative Bringing a Gender Lens to Investing

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Women Effect Investments Initiative Bringing a Gender Lens to Investing

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  1. Women Effect Investments Initiative Bringing a Gender Lens to Investing

  2. @CriterionVent #genderlensinv

  3. Goldman Sachs Nike Foundation World Bank Hillary Clinton100 Years, 100 Women

  4. The Women Effect

  5. when women are economic agents and leaders, social change accelerates and returns multiply… …this isthewomeneffect

  6. Blurring of the Lines Social investments seek to generate both financial returns for investors and social returns that benefit broader society Philanthropists: Maximizing social returns High Social Investors: “Blended Value” – Social and financial returns Social Returns Investors: Maximizing profit Low Financial Returns High

  7. Impact Investing “Actively placing capital in businesses and funds that generate social and/or environmental good and at least return nominal principal to the investor” Venture Philanthropy Impact Investing Program Related Investing SRI Screens Crowd Funding Women Invest in Women Micro-lending Carbon Markets Community Investing 1980 2000 2010 1990

  8. Magnitude of Impact Investing $50 T Global Assets Under Management Socially-Oriented Investments Screens: $6.99 T Philanthropy: $.33 T Impact Investing $.5 T Socially-Oriented Investments

  9. investing with a Gender Lens involves making investment decisions that support gender equality while seeking positive return

  10. a lens brings into focus that which is unclear. A Gender Lens brings into focus gender-driven issues, dynamics and differences

  11. Women Effect Investments Women Effect Investments (WEI) is a field-building initiative that seeks to mobilize more investment dollars toward improving the condition of women and girls worldwide • Mobilizing investors towards generating the Women Effect through investment • Supporting existing and creating new investment opportunities with a gender lens

  12. 3 Gender Lenses A gender lens serves as a viewfinder for investment opportunities – both from impact and financial return perspectives Access to Capital Workplace Equity Products & Services

  13. Access to Capital Access to Capital

  14. Workplace Equity Workplace Equity

  15. Products & Services Products & Services

  16. The Gender & Investing Ecosystem

  17. Gender Lens Investment Vehicles Microcredit; Mezzanine Debt, Social Investment…

  18. Gender Lens Investment Vehicles Private Equity; Venture Capital…

  19. Gender Lens Investment Vehicles Mutual Fund; Angel Investing

  20. what if a more robust set of gender lens vehicles were offered to investors – what could that look like

  21. What If? an investment vehicle focused on maternal health – affordable technologies, mobile education and monitoring.

  22. What if? A “peer-allocated capital” model with a gender lens – and virtual– giving women the room to live up to their potential outside of the traditional pitch scenario, while maintaining work-life balance across diverse geographies

  23. What if? An investment vehicle focused on ending the trafficking of women and girls – on changing incentives throughout the supply chain with credit card companies, the hospitality industry, or innovative reporting technologies

  24. we use a gender lens as a viewfinder for opportunity – social, financial, or both

  25. Products & Services Insurance, Technical Assistance Value Chain MFIs, Intermediaries Clients Structural Barriers Initiatives or Campaigns CEO Roadmap Industry Trends Commercialization

  26. Microfinance’s Gender Ecosystem

  27. Informing the Rest of the Space This report found that, within the Impact and Investment Standards (IRIS), indicators measuring the impact on women were measured most comprehensively within the financial services sector.

  28. Potential Overlaps in Our Work • Amplifying the Message • Raising Awareness of Gender Lens Investing • Creating Opportunities for Engagement • Events, Relationships, Engagement with Vehicles • Moving Money • Creation of Vehicles • Research and Content Development

  29. Our Question Today… How does/should/could microfinance, from a commercialization perspective in particular, tie into Women Effect Investments? Investment Capital Investment Vehicles Access to Capital Products & Services Workplace Equity

  30. @CriterionVent #genderlensinv