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Cyber Security and Cyber Behaviour

Cyber Security and Cyber Behaviour. Wednesday 11 June 2013 Alister Payne payne@wpps.org.za. What is driving the surge in technology?. Technology is growing at an exponential rate PM rated mobile phone as the number 1 most influential and most life changing invention

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Cyber Security and Cyber Behaviour

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  1. Cyber Security and Cyber Behaviour Wednesday 11 June 2013 Alister Payne payne@wpps.org.za

  2. What is driving the surge in technology? • Technology is growing at an exponential rate • PM rated mobile phone as the number 1 most influential and most life changing invention • Mobile phone growth is the fastest in the world • The arrival of undersea fibre optic cables • Social media & instant messaging Alister Payne payne@wpps.org.za

  3. The great divide • Parent and kids relate to technology differently • Either not au fait with the latest technology • Or adults use it as a business or communication tool • Kids use technology as a social tool • They are able to create personas that are different to what they are like in real life • And so it is fair to say that the divide exists because we are using the same or similar technology for completely different reasons Alister Payne payne@wpps.org.za

  4. The Statistics • The internet is playing an ever increasing role in the daily lives of children Payne 2012 Alister Payne payne@wpps.org.za

  5. What are the risks of internet usage? • Exposure to inappropriate content • Sexually explicit content • Self-harm material (eating disorders; suicide) • Network with like-minded people, and explore and affirm deviant behaviour • Undesirable contact with strangers • Grooming by paedophiles • Inappropriate conduct perpetrated by children • Sexting • Online harassment & the new phenomenon of cyberbullying Alister Payne payne@wpps.org.za

  6. What is cyberbullying? • Definition: • Bullying via electronic media or communication • Characteristics in common with traditional bullying: • The intent to do harm; • Repetition; • Imbalance of power. • Additional unique characteristics: • Anonymity • Lack of feedback; • Reach of perpetrator; • Beyond school-yard; • Draw in larger audience • Punitive fear; Alister Payne payne@wpps.org.za

  7. Is my child at risk? • Age • Ages 12 to 13 • Gender • Female more at risk • Single sex girls schools • Traditional bullying factors • Traditional bullies – Cyber bullies • Traditional victims – Cyber victims & Cyber bullies • Academic performance • Frequency of access • Versus duration Alister Payne payne@wpps.org.za

  8. Warning signs • A child may be a victim of cyberbullying if he or she… • unexpectedly stops using the computer • appears nervous or jumpy when an Instant Message, text message, or Email appears • appears uneasy about going to school or outside in general • appears to be angry, depressed, or frustrated after using the computer • avoids discussions about what they are doing on the computer • becomes abnormally withdrawn from usual friends and family members Alister Payne payne@wpps.org.za

  9. What can I do? • Investigate thoroughly • Find identity of person • Keep evidence • Stop responding • Become directly involved and involve a trusted adult • Contact the staff at school - you will need witnesses, don’t meet alone Alister Payne payne@wpps.org.za

  10. Striking a health balance • Become informed • Open relationship with people, you need to be able to discuss issues – Don’t over react • Emphasis empathy - fine line between funny & cruel • Create a technology corner in the home & have a cut-off time • Evaluate online friendships • Check safety settings on the Facebook account - Facebook family centre • Take responsibility: • Mobiflock.com (Apple/Android/Nokia/Blackberry) | Kids Place (android) • Parents must be Facebook friend Alister Payne payne@wpps.org.za

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