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UKA Coach Education

UKA Coach Education. UKA Regional Trainers Meeting Croydon, 13 th – 14 th August 2010. Presentation prepared by: Selina Norris Presentation to: Melanie Curds Date: 18/08/2010. What do you want to get out of these 2 days?. Want. Don’t want. uCoach-access Administration books

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UKA Coach Education

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  1. UKA Coach Education UKA Regional Trainers Meeting Croydon, 13th – 14th August 2010 Presentation prepared by: Selina Norris Presentation to: Melanie Curds Date: 18/08/2010

  2. What do you want to get out of these 2 days? Want Don’t want uCoach-access Administration books To miss the Athletics To miss dinner • Information • Help • Expectations • Skills to support - development - awkwardness • Resources • Familiarisation • Team relations • Roles • Responsibilities • EA relationships

  3. What makes a good tutor? What good and poor practices have you observed? Good Poor Over preparation, (too much paperwork) Unreceptive to feedback Dictator Anecdotes Coach not tutor No review Unbelievers Argumentative Relevance to programme Late Putting down Time keeping Inflexible style Incorrect modelling Chipping in inappropriately or not chipping in when necessary Early finish • Preparation • Attire & use of notes • Clarity • Delivery of programme • Responsive • IT skills • Listen • Support & development tools • Co-tutor relationships • Enjoyment • Delivery styles • Climate • Speed of delivery • Knowledgeable • Observation • Evaluation • Feedback

  4. Coaching Assistant- What would the Regional Trainer do before the session?

  5. What is the role of a Regional Trainer post course? • Clear up • Answer and questions from participants before they leave • Review • Pre-course • On course • Post course • Tutors • Action Plans • Paperwork, complete and return to include participant feedback forms • Communication and feedback to Mel Curds, NT’s, RT’s, Tutors & Education Coordinators – (Mel they would like a feedback form template please)? • Plan next course

  6. Coaching Assistant- What would the Regional Trainer do during the session? • Check KPI’s and KLP’s • Intervene if needed • Time keeper-ultimate • Look at good/poor practice • Check notes • Plan for review & do the small informal friendly but professional reviews along the way • Deliver as planned or to suit requirements • Check tutors are ok with the sessions, group, etc • May support with equipment • May step in on grievances, discipline, disruption to/within the course • Plan transition to lead tutor to do all of the above • Quality assurance • Be unobtrusive • Register attendees/latecomers • Enable rather than a policeman

  7. As a Regional Trainer what interventions would you make and when? Note the difference between those interventions that are direct and those that are indirect. Also, although the intervention may be correct, it may result in no learning taking place. Therefore on occasions it may be better to allow the session to continue to run, and use the intervention within the review instead.

  8. What have been the factors that have contributed to the successes of the tutor support for the summer course programmes? • Clear allocation of sections (T1, T2 & T3) • Following notes T1 & T2 • Face to face meetings • Communication throughout the course • Feedback readily available and was provided at all stages • ‘Freedom’ to change • Preparation at the start of the day before the course began • Always started course on time • Co-tutoring- including help/time/interventions

  9. What have been the challenges in supporting tutors/trainees delivering the new programme? • Terminology • Sticking to the script • Pitching at the right level • Time • Not knowing content/order • Don’t switch off

  10. What top tips would you give to those supporting tutors/trainees delivering on the new programme? • Mix ‘Old and New’ for those who have tutored before • Be aware of favourite topics • Just do it • Get trainees involved early • Allow the Regional Trainer to open and close the course to allow the trainee/tutor time to settle in/compose themselves/etc.

  11. For further information please contact: Selina Norris, Coaching and Development Administrator T: 0121 713 8400, E: snorris@ukathletics.org.uk UK Athletics, Athletics House, Central Boulevard, Blythe Valley Park, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 8AJ

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