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  1. CAMP INDIAN SANDS Connecting Milwaukee’s Children Creation Christ Community

  2. eXcel urban youth ministry Charitable Giving Initiative

  3. HITTING OUR MARKS an introduction Diverse summer camp programs Commitment to urban youth ministry Connect college students with local churches


  5. Weeklong summer camp experiences for upper elementary through high school students. Reflecting our local population, we serve a cross-cultural group of students, diverse in culture, race, age and economic background.

  6. In Creation We: Tend to Birch & Ranger (our goat and sheep) Paddle on lakes & rivers Explore our glacial history by biking & hiking Discover cultural history at nearby petroglyphs


  8. Connecting to Christ: Our counselors believe that all campers are children of God, loved by Christ – and we spend the week showing that love to campers through all that we do.


  10. Community Building: New friendships through shared experiences in the outdoors; healthy relationships with young adult mentors; working together on service projects…

  11. AND WE PLAY!


  13. To be a greater asset to Milwaukee’s youth, we are committed to working with urban congregations to help with their year-round youth ministry programming. Expected results of this work include…

  14. Stronger staff to camper relationships Greater involvement in youth development Strong camper retention rates and new camper enrollment Strong youth ministry leading to a strengthened Church


  16. As we use this new location to develop future camp and youth leaders, we expect to become a greater asset for Milwaukee’s youth, local congregations and the greater Church. Through a unique arrangement with Lutheran Campus Ministry of Greater Milwaukee, we have relocated our office to the Corner House across the street from the student union at UW-Milwaukee.

  17. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER College Connection 1 Milwaukee Churches 2 Summer Camp 3 Creating a place for local college students to develop leadership skills, prepares them to… …work with local churches, support year-round youth ministry, and act as a mentor while encouraging youth to… …grow in faith, aspire to a life of great purpose and, of course, attend summer camp at Camp Indian Sands… …

  18. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER Repeat …and, perhaps go on to college serve as a mentor at a local church, work as a camp counselor, …and start the cycle all over again.

  19. C S I SUMMER FUN 2009

  20. For more information about our summer programs, check out the article in “Stories of Faith in Action” with this picture on the cover.

  21. “I liked being in a Christian place. I’m going to make my mom bring me to church when I go home.” -LaDaishaCamper

  22. Swim break on the Mecan River Canoe Trip

  23. Where did you see the love of Christ this week? Campers Speak: “During the shout outs at campfire” “When we were at the park” “At the nature place where we worked” “At the Campfires in the songs” “In the games, like the obstacle course” “Everywhere”

  24. To read more about our livestock experience with Birch and Ranger, read our latest newsletter.

  25. C S I SUMMER STAFF 2009

  26. Pictured: Jennessa, Kate, Craig, Emily, Chancie, Terra, Pierre, Victor, Wantee

  27. This is summer program director, Victor. He’s either leading one of our service projects over at the Mecan Nature Center – Renewable World Foundation or about to pull a prank. Odds are good that its a pinecone ambush.

  28. “I enjoyed the small size of the camp. The staff, especially at awards night, really made all of the kids feel included.” -AndreaYouth Director

  29. This is Craig, showing just how far he’ll go to provide health care assistance to an injured camper.

  30. Second year counselor, Wantee – either he’s all decked out for Capture the Flag or he’s getting ready to dance with the Jabbawockeez.

  31. Counselor Kate serves as archery instructor, butterfly enthusiast and caretaker of the animals… and apparently she also juggles fire.

  32. Never text and Ride A Public Service AnnouncementFrom Jennessa

  33. C S I Research, thoughts and inspiring words for why we camp…

  34. “The organized summer camp is the greatest contribution America has made to education.” -former Harvard University president Charles W. Eliot 1922

  35. “Children are plugged into some kind of electronic medium an average of 5½ hours a day.” Kaiser Family Foundation 2005

  36. “All children learn at about the same rate (at least in terms of basic skills) during the school year. True for all socio-economic groups Differences in achievement between (poor/middle-class children) are based in inequalities that children experience outside of school.” Cooper, Nye, Charlton, Lindsay, & Greathouse

  37. Please consider a gift today. And on behalf of the kids – Thanks!

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