the struggle for power in the willamette valley n.
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The Colonization of Tualatin High School PowerPoint Presentation
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The Colonization of Tualatin High School

The Colonization of Tualatin High School

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The Colonization of Tualatin High School

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  1. The struggle for power in the Willamette Valley The Colonization of Tualatin High School

  2. About Tualatin High • Tualatin High was a region that was full of natural resources and brain power. • Genius brains • Frozen pizza • Lunch money • Child labor • For centuries, Tualatin was ruled by local principals who were approved by the local population. • Most people lived in small villages with about 35-40 people and there were rival tribes who didn’t get along • Ex: the Englishers and the Mathematicians

  3. About Cardozans • The Cardozans were a small, but powerful group of people who originated in a marshy-like area called Lake Oswego. • “Though there were only a few people, the powerful group could easily overtake others around them with the use of their powerful sports cars” (Newberry).

  4. Why did the Cardozans want Tualatin High? • Power hungry! • Recent victory in war against the neighboring country of West Lynn High. • They overtook that country and wanted more. • Wanted more resources and laborers to build more sports cars and start a new frozen pizza industry. •

  5. How did the Cardozans take over Tualatin High? • Small group of Cardozans started at the north of the building and set up a new classroom. They convinced everyone in the English region that the Cardozan way of life was the best. • The local principals protested the new power started to creep in.

  6. Tualatin High Reaction • “We were all really scared. We didn’t even like frozen pizza, and the Cardozans were just, like, forcing their ways on us. We wanted to kick them out of the school, but the sports cars were too shiny, and they blinded us, keeping us from leaving” (“A Horrible Day at School”) • Though there were repeated attempts to fight off the Cardozas, their leader, Miss Cardoza was much too powerful and had far too many sports cars to blind the students with. No one could escape. Life was miserable

  7. Lasting Effects • Tualatin High School was never the same. • The students tried to rebel again and again. • It was not until June 2012 that they finally fled the region, never to return again. • The frozen pizza company flopped.

  8. Works Cited • “A Horrible Day at School.” Tualatin’s History. City of Tualatin. 12 Dec. 2011. Web. 24 Jan 2012. • Newberry, Diane. The Attack of the Cardozans. Portland: Timberwolf Press, 2012.

  9. Political Cartoon (pretend I drew these and am presenting in person)

  10. CD Jacket Presentation (in person…or on a slide) • 5 songs with explanations of 2 or more sentences each • 1. Power Rangers theme • The Cardozans were rangers (armed group of men), who wanted a lot of power. The different colors of the rangers. This lyric explains it all, • “They knowthe fate of the world is lying in their handsThey know to only use their weapons for defenseno one will ever take them down the power lies on their side”

  11. CD song 2 • Etc.