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Warm Up: Images Notes on Roaring 20’s Closing Activity: Quotes Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm Up: Images Notes on Roaring 20’s Closing Activity: Quotes Review

Warm Up: Images Notes on Roaring 20’s Closing Activity: Quotes Review

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Warm Up: Images Notes on Roaring 20’s Closing Activity: Quotes Review

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  1. Warm Up: Images • Notes on Roaring 20’s • Closing Activity: Quotes • Review

  2. Images

  3. Notes

  4. Lives of the People • once isolated rural communities • tightly controlled values • high standards of religious morality • migration of more people to • urban areas changed moral values • less control over the whole community • fast paced city life often intimidated or changed people • World of Competition and change – Judge by accomplishment rather than background – tolerated sinful & shocking behaviors

  5. Standard of Living • ”business of America is business” • Harding • effects of the automobile • freedom to travel • urban sprawl • No longer had to work in the city, but could commute

  6. Standard of Living • airlines develop • Radio becomes huge w/Sporting events, Soap Operas and music • electricity lights the whole nation • alternating current (Tesla) • growth of the radio industry • Became most powerful communication medium – creates the National Experience.

  7. Prosperity • growth of advertising industry • Radio, newspaper, magazines – paid people to write jingles • productivity increases • Assembly Line • buying on the installment plan increases consumption • Pay a little each month / week to get a new appliance, car, etc. • Ford and Prosperity • assembly line production • workers as consumers • $5 day plan • For 8 hrs. work meant to keep workers happy and from striking

  8. New Role of Women • Victorian Age view of women • Husband / Home, Church, Society • flapperwas a young women of modern times • hair styles, dress, attitudes, behavior • Smoking, drinking, talk about sex, dance, work outside the home • double standard of behavior • Acceptable for men to have greater sexual freedom, but not women – stricter standards.

  9. New Role of Women • clash of conservative values • Home v. Work • Opportunities increase • Teachers, nurses, librarians, clerical workers, clerks – others break molds • families change • Margaret Sanger and birth control • Fought for legal rights for Doctors to provide birth control literature to patients.

  10. Prohibition • Ends in 1933 w/ 21st Amendment • banned alcohol • Restarted in January 1920 • Ban on manufacturing, sale, & transportation on alcoholic beverages • many people resented the new law that regulated behavior • gov’tnever tried to really enforce the law • Failed to budget money to do so.

  11. Prohibition • Speakeasies • drinking clubs • Hidden, saloons & night clubs – everyone talked quietly to avoid detection. • Needed a card or password to get in. • Bootleggers • Alcohol smuggled from Canada, Cuba, & West Indies – carried liquor in the legs of their boots • growth of organized crime • Bootlegging built mob empires • Al Capone • Gangster in Chicago – 60 mil a year in bootlegging – killed all his competition.

  12. Science and Religion • Fundamentalism • religious movement focusing on the truth of the Bible • Billy Sunday • Revivalist – baseball player turned preacher. • Aimee SempleMcPherson

  13. Science and Religion • Darwin’s Theory of Evolution • Plant and animal species had developed and changed over millions of years.

  14. Science and Religion • Scopes Trial • Biology teacher in Dayton, TN approached by ACLU. • John Scopes arrested for teaching evolution • Clarence Darrow • Defended Scopes • William J. Bryan • Special prosecution • Found guilty and fined $100,000 – overturned on technicality but law to ban evolution still in effect.


  16. Quotes • “From now on it will cost a man his job…to have the odor of beer, wine or liquor on his breath, or to have any of these intoxicants on his person or in his home. The Eighteenth Amendment is a part of the fundamental laws of this country.” Henry Ford, 1922 • “If a minister believes and teaches evolution, he is a stinking skunk, a hypocrite, and a liar.” Evangelist Billy Sunday, 1925 • “I will build a motor car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family but small enough for the individual to run and care for.” Henry Ford

  17. Quiz

  18. This is the famous “monkey” trial where a teacher taught the theory of evolution in a state that had banned its teaching?

  19. This quote by President Coolidge is the perfect example of his business first attitude?

  20. These were people who smuggled alcohol into businesses and clubs?

  21. He quickly became the leader of organized crime in America during the 20’s?

  22. These were illegal clubs that served alcohol?

  23. This term refers to the period when alcohol production and consumption was illegal?

  24. This term describes the new young independent woman of the 20’s?

  25. This is the literal belief in the Bible that fueled a revival across America?

  26. This new business technique allowed consumers to pay for products a little at a time, therefore increasing their buying power?

  27. Who changed the climate of business and labor with his plan for the $5 day workday?