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ZBI 2.0 & ZBI-Developer

ZBI 2.0 & ZBI-Developer. {Name} {Job title}. Agenda. What is ZBI? What can I do with ZBI? How do I get ZBI? ZBI Primary Features How do I create ZBI programs? ZBI-Developer. What is Zebra BASIC Interpreter (ZBI)?.

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ZBI 2.0 & ZBI-Developer

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  1. ZBI 2.0 & ZBI-Developer {Name} {Job title}

  2. Agenda • What is ZBI? • What can I do with ZBI? • How do I get ZBI? • ZBI Primary Features • How do I create ZBI programs? • ZBI-Developer

  3. What is Zebra BASIC Interpreter (ZBI)? • ZBI is an optional programming environment to enhance the printer capabilities. • Create/Store/Run programs in the printer. • A ZBI program allows the printers to process and format input from a variety of sources. • Databases, scanners, scales. • ZBI extends the application possibilities of the printer.

  4. ~JI or AUTOEXEC ZPL ZBI Default State ~JQ or ZPL ZPL & ZBI • The default printer state is ZPL. • The printer expects ZPL in order to produce a label. • The ZBI environment must be initiated. • Create/Store/Run programs in the environment. • A ZBI program can manipulate a data stream other than ZPL to produce a label.

  5. Zebra Printer P A R Printer Ports S E R ZBI Process ZPL Process Printer Output ZPL T C P U S B Data Processing • ZBI works with ZPL.

  6. Printer ZPL Printer 12.5 LBS ZBI Program Simple Application Example 10 CLOSE ALL 20 OPEN #1: NAME "SER" 30 OPEN #2: NAME "ZPL" 40 INPUT #1: A$ 50 PRINT #2: "^XA~TA000~JSN^LT0^MNW^MTD^PON^PMN^LH0,0^JMA^PR6,6~SD15^JUS^LRN^CI0^XZ" 60 PRINT #2: "^XA^MMT^LL0609^PW812^LS0^FT102,132^A0N,96,93^FH\^FDZebra Company^FS" 70 PRINT #2: "^FO35,194^GB734,0,8^FS^FT182,293^A0N,56,55^FH\^FDWeight: ^FS" 80 PRINT #2: "^FT393,293^A0N,56,55^FH\^FD" & A$ & "^FS^BY4,3,160^FT149,512^BCN,,Y,N" 90 PRINT #2: "^FD" & A$ & "^FS^PQ1,0,1,Y^XZ" 100 GOTO 40 12.5 LBS No label output

  7. What can I do with ZBI? • ZBI has many applications … • Stand-alone printing. Eliminate the need for a PC or network. • Create & display custom LCD prompts to guide users through operations. • Connect peripherals directly to the printer. • Interpret and manipulate data streams other than ZPL. • Interface with database applications. • Process data input/output from the printers applicator port. • Data logging.

  8. How do I get ZBI? • ZBI is an option. • Requires minimum firmware level. • V60.16.0Z, V53.16.0Z, V56.16.5Z, V61.16.5Z, V54.16.1Z, V66.17.4Z • Older printers with limited memory may not support this firmware level. • Printers are “ZBI-Ready” • ZBI must be enabled using the Key Manager. • Kits available to enable 1 printer, 5 printers or 25 printers.

  9. How do I get ZBI? • Order Keys On-Line • www.zebrasoftware.com • Buy keys • Download the Key Manager • Credit card based ordering system

  10. Supported Printers • Printer Models Supporting ZBI 2.0 (Mar 2010) • S4M • 105SL • Z4Mplus/Z6Mplus • ZM400/ZM600 • PAX4 • XiIIIPlus, Xi4 • GX/GK Series • HC100 • R110Xi/R170Xi/R110PAX4 • KR403

  11. Identifying a ZBI 2.0 enabled printer • ZBI 2.0 enabled printers • Do not have a “Z” in the version number • Displays ZBI-Enabled info on the config label • Can show which program is running • Will display the ZBI Start/Stop LCD feature

  12. Key Manager & File Downloader • File Downloader • Supports Serial, Parallel, USB & TCP communication ports • Automatic discovery of USB & Network printers • Download files to multiple printers • Key Manager • Enable ZBI on one or many printers • Activate/Deactivate ZBI 2.0 keys via the Internet • Move keys between different PC’s • View remaining ZBI 2.0 keys

  13. Key Manager

  14. ZBI 2.0 Primary Features

  15. Front Panel Control • User control • List ZBI programs from the front panel menu. • Start/Stop programs from the front panel menu. • ZBI Control • Create & display custom text on the LCD • Warning messages, instructions, prompts. • Enhances ease of use & productivity. • Take control of front panel button functions. • Reprogram each buttons function to suite you application.

  16. Applicator Port Control • ZBI 2.0 Gives Users Control of the Applicator Port • Increased input options allows users more flexible print triggers. • PAX4 and Xi4

  17. Database Applications & Encryption • Database Applications • Access & retrieve data from databases to include on the label. • Update databases with transcations that occur on the printer. • Store data on the printer using CSV and text files. • CSV and text file storage supported in ZBI 2.1 and later. • Advanced Program Encryption • Encryption protect the resellers investment • ZBI 2.0 programs can be hidden and persistent • Easily manage ZBI programs using ZBI Developer.

  18. ZBI Developer

  19. What is ZBI-Developer? • Integrated Development Environment (IDE), designed to assist in the creation, testing and distribution of ZBI programs.

  20. ZBI-Developer • Multiple View Perspectives • ZBI Perspective • Write ZBI programs • Manage project files • Encrypt/Distribute programs & files to one or many printers • Problems view – automatically shows program warnings & errors • Debug Perspective • Run & debug programs on physical or virtual printer • Set breakpoints & step through the program line by line. • View variable values • View data is it flows through the ports used in the program

  21. ZBI-Developer – Perspective Views

  22. ZBI-Developer - ZBI Perspective • Pop-Up Help • Displays command syntax and example.

  23. ZBI-Developer - ZBI Perspective • Problems View • Displays program warnings and errors

  24. ZBI-Developer - ZBI Perspective • Printer View • Manage physical & virtual printers • Discover printers on the network

  25. ZBI-Developer - ZBI Perspective • Navigator View • Import files into the project • Compare program versions • Create Autoexec files • Optionally encrypt programs to protect proprietary data • Easily deploy programs to one or many printers

  26. ZBI-Developer - Debug Perspective • Status of current program • State – running or stopped • Current program name • Memory usage • Current line number execution

  27. ZBI-Developer - Debug Perspective • Debug view • Control the program execution (stop, start, pause, step) • Variable view • View variable values • Breakpoint view • Set and toggle breakpoints • Ports view • Displays data as it flows through ports used in the program • Printer Status • Displays status and information about the current program being debugged.

  28. ZBI-Developer – Debugging Example

  29. Pricing & Ordering

  30. Assistance • Email • zbi-experts@zebra.com for technical & sales questions • Development Services • Zebra’s Development Services group can provide custom programming. • Website • Programming guide • Example programs demonstrating common functions. • Key manager • ZBI Developer

  31. ZBI 2.0 & ZBI-Developer

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