1 3 inch b w ccd spy pen camera n.
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1/3 inch B/W CCD spy pen camera PowerPoint Presentation
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1/3 inch B/W CCD spy pen camera

1/3 inch B/W CCD spy pen camera

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1/3 inch B/W CCD spy pen camera

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  1. 1/3 inch B/W CCDspy pen camera from Pathgadget

  2. CCD spy pen camera • This mini spy pen camerahas a B/W camera with built in audio and video recorder. The camera pen is an ideal tool for “body worn” instant covert video/audio images. This spy pen camera is great for meetings and conferences. With built-in flash memory you need not buy extra memory card. This CCD spy camera pen can take video and still pictures. No drivers or outside power source needed. And the recordings can be later downloaded via high speed USB 2.0 to your PC for viewing and storing. So this mini spy camera pen is convenient to use and carry. This CCD spy pen camera is an excellent addition to your spy accessories.

  3. The spy pen camerahas proven its usefulness, and more than paid for itself in the 4 months I've had it. If I ever lose a piece, I will consider looking for a more solidly-built model (though I see most of the same manufacturing complaints about most models available). spy pen camera may be fragile, but it's a simple matter to put it back together. • The spy pen camera LOOKS expensive, but FEELS cheap when you pick it up and handle it. The metal around the nip has several damaged spots that look like they will probably RUST soon.

  4. re-read the manual a few times before using the spy pen camera • 1) In the shut down position, a short press on the button will turn on the spy pen camera in the selected mode. (photo or video) when turned on the light may be yellow/amber wait till it's blue • NOTE: IN BOTH MODES A SOLID BLUE LIGHT MEANS CAMERA IS ON AND IN USE • 2) In photograph mode (spy pen camera on) the blue light will turn on, a short press on the button takes a picture, when the picture is taken the yellow/amber light will blink once but the blue light will always be on. A long press on the button will shut down the camera. • (then it talks about switching the camera mode?) • 3) When you switch to video mode and turn the spy pen camera on, the yellow/amber light will turn on for a sec, then switch to blue: ONCE IT SWITCHES TO BLUE YOU ARE RECORDING. blue light will stay on while recording. a short press will stop video recording. SOLID YELLOW/AMBER LIGHT while in video mode means you are NOT recording. another short press starts video recording, and returns the light to blue. shut down camera with long press. • 4) while recording, upon low battery the spy pen camera will automatically save the current video, and shut down until you recharge. • 5) with the spy pen camera off, connect the USB line to the ac adapter. If the battery is too low the yellow/amber light will blink meaning it's charging. Once the yellow/amber light is solid it's done charging.