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CLAT coaching classes

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CLAT coaching classes

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  1. Comparison between Indian education systems and foreign education system? Education in India as compared to foreign nations plays a very vital role in the lives of students. The education system of India is such that it nurtures a healthy relationship in between the teachers and the students, rather it’s completely absent in the case of foreign nations. It is difficult to say which system is better. Both education systems have their own benefits and drawbacks. Both the systems have managed to develop the legendary personalities and world leaders. Americans who have never been to India would never be able to understand the Indian education system and vice versa. So we have tried to draw a comparison between Indian and Foreign Education System: 1.Indian Education System believes in certificates, grades, and marks. We believe in entrance exam. So, marks matters the most here. But foreign countries believe in skills and practical knowledge. Of course, they have grades, but they do not emphasise more on the marks. 2.In India, students are too confused as to which field of study they want to go in either IBPS Clerk coaching online or Clat. This may be due to lack of guidance at school or at home. But foreign students are too aware of their education field. They have a clear idea of what to do in life as they are allowed to choose the field of study right in the school days.

  2. 3.Foreign Education System focuses more on practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge whereas Indian Education System focuses more on theoretical knowledge than practical knowledge. Practical knowledge is imparted to foreign students and this knowledge helps the students to understand the concepts better whereas Indian education system is theory based and stresses more on mugging up aspect, whether the student understands the concept or not , he just mugs up the whole thing and procures marks. 4.In India, students are not allowed to choose their field of interests. Sports and arts are just leftover things. But in foreign, there is nothing like that. A student can choose any stream he wants. For e.g. in India arts like Painting, Acting, Dancing, Music etc doesn’t have a place in the mainstream education like CLAT Video Courses. But it in foreign countries, various art forms have their own dedicated schools were students can learn and are given equal place with other stream of studies. 5.Foreign Education focuses on the creativity of a student and also encourages whereas in Indian Education System creativity is not encouraged much. Though Indians are the most creative people on Earth, our education system (being to theoretical) believes in strictly sticking to the bookish education. 6.Indian education uses old technologies for teaching. There is not much change after independence. But in foreign new and trending technologies are used in order to provide students a quality education. 7.Many countries offer primary and secondary education free of cost and it is compulsory in law. Dubai is perfect example for this. However, Indian education is becoming business and many private schools, coaching classes are minting money from parents and these are generating good amount of money so many business minded people are moving towards this sector for earning more(https://www.toprankers.com/clat-online-coaching- classes-legaledge ). But things are changing quite rapidly in India. Indian teachers and schools are coming up with more and more innovation in the field of education. Students are getting inclined towards practical education and more digitalization is happening in the education sector. We hope at in the coming 10 years, we will be at par with the western education system. https://sites.google.com/view/indian-vs-foreign-education/home

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