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Authorized User Tradelines PowerPoint Presentation
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Authorized User Tradelines

Authorized User Tradelines

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Authorized User Tradelines

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  1. Welcome To Top Tradelines

  2. Tradelines ◦ The answer can be traced back to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. ◦ This 40-year-old piece of legislation requires creditors to report the account activity of all authorized user accounts to the three major credit bureaus.

  3. Authorized User Tradelines ◦ An authorized tradeline, or often called an authorized user tradeline, is a credit card account that somebody other than the primary account hold has been authorized to use. ◦ A seasoned tradeline is simply a credit card account that is 2 or more years old.

  4. Seasoned Tradelines ◦ People looking to establish or rebuild their credit history want to buy authorized user tradelines that will positively impact their credit scores. ◦ This means tradelines with flawless repayment histories, relatively high credit limits, and low debt ratios.

  5. Seasoned Authorized User Tradelines ◦ Most people also want to acquire seasoned authorized tradelines because a “seasoned” tradeline is at least two years old, and credit card accounts with long histories boost credit scores more than accounts with short histories do.

  6. Buy Tradelines Online ◦ In an industry rife with scammers and frauds, buying authorized user tradelines can be tricky business. ◦ Fortunately, Top Tradelines is an organization with a sterling reputation. ◦ Industry experts agree that it is one of the best places to buy authorized user tradelines.

  7. Buy Tradelines ◦ All of its authorized user tradelines are guaranteed to have flawless repayment histories and debt ratios below 10%. ◦ Also, top tradelines has an online database of authorized user tradelines where you can easily browse for information like the name of creditors, credit limits, and price. ◦ So you if you’re in the market to buy authorized user tradelines, you should buy seasoned authorized tradelines at top tradelines.

  8. Cheap Tradelines ◦ If you are listed as an authorized user of someone else’s credit card account, that account will appear on your credit report. ◦ As a result, the repayment history, credit limit, and debt ratio of that account will impact your credit score.

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