strong government needs strong clerks le adership serving democratic processes a dutch perspective n.
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SLCC Chepstow Localism of the Starting Block PowerPoint Presentation
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SLCC Chepstow Localism of the Starting Block

SLCC Chepstow Localism of the Starting Block

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SLCC Chepstow Localism of the Starting Block

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  1. Strong Governmentneeds Strong ClerksLeadership serving Democratic processes; a Dutch perspective SLCC Chepstow Localism of the Starting Block

  2. Guiding through this presentation • Introduction & Sharing of expectations • Democratic processes; the Dutch way • The Rotterdam perspective • What about the Dutch Clerk? • The International perspective • Q & A, debate & discussions

  3. Introduction & Sharing of expectations Jaap Paans 44 years of age, married with children Clerk of the City Council of Rotterdam Master of Public Law & Governmental AdministrationImmediate past President of VvG, the Dutch association of ClerksProud member of IIMC

  4. Democratic processes; the Dutch way • The Dutch democratic system • Leadership in the Dutch Governmental system • Local Government in The Netherlands • Clerks in the Dutch system

  5. Democratic processes; the Dutch way The Dutch democratic systemThe Netherlands 1 Kingdom, 4 countries, 12 provinces, 418 local governments Statute for the Kingdom & Constitution for the country of The Netherlands 16 million Dutchmen; >170 original nationalities 32 cities > 100.000 inhabitants B4: Amsterdam (790.440), Rotterdam (617.347), The Hague (501.725) and Utrecht (316.448) Metropolitan area Rotterdam-The Hague: 2.2 million people 23-10-2014 5

  6. Democratic processes; the Dutch way Dutch Democratic system Triangular framework parliamentaryrepresentative democracy constitutional monarchy decentralisedunitary state Consociationalism Consensus driven 23-10-2014 6

  7. Democratic processes; the Dutch way Governmental system National Government Monarchy & Cabinet share legislative power Houses of Parliament House of Representatives Chamber of Reflection Sub national Government Provinces Local Government 23-10-2014 7

  8. Democratic processes; the Dutch way Political Institutions Monarchy Cabinet High Colleges of State States General: Houses of Parliament The Council of State Netherlands Court of Audit National Ombudsman Judicial system Political parties Social-Economic Council 23-10-2014 8

  9. Democratic processes; the Dutch way Leadership in the Dutch Governmental system Dutch paradox of leadership: we look for it but do not automatically accept it Influential Leadership: The ability to shift opinions and conceptual decisions in other directions than the responsible actor heads for only by having access to decision makers and opinion leaders Positional Leadership The acceptance of Leadership by actors who are in the position to decide and lead Charismatic Leadership The acceptance of the personal qualities of people through which their leading role is accepted by others 23-10-2014 9

  10. Democratic processes; the Dutch way Local Government in The Netherlands Characteristics 418 autonomic municipalities Responsible for local safety, education, spatial planning and sociaol security Policy Freedom within the bounds prescribed by the national government Own tax regime within legal limits 23-10-2014 10

  11. Democratic processes; the Dutch way Local Institutions City Council (Chosen by the people) College of Mayor and Alderman (appointed by Council; 4 year term) Mayor (selected & appointed) Local Court of Audit (appointed) Local Ombudsman (appointed) Administrative areas with own responsibilities (Rotterdam) Neighbourhood councils / village councils (participation/advisory) 23-10-2014 11

  12. Democratic processes; the Dutch way Clerks in the Dutch system Introduction of the Clerk Anno 2012: Clerk = Griffier Before 2002: Clerk = City Secretary Griffier originates from “the magistrate that writes down” Griffier originally was a unique profession within the Courts of law 1848: Griffiers became first legal advisor of Houses of Parliament 23-10-2014 12

  13. Democratic processes; the Dutch way Dualism in Dutch Government 2002, Dualism Act: every Council has his own ‘Griffier’ 2002, Dualism Act: City Secretary can not be ‘Griffier’ as well City Secretaries shift their focus towards City Manager Griffiers were claimed to be Clerk in the international definition VvG: Dutch association of Clerks founded in 2003 for Clerks in National, Sub national and Local Government 2004: VvG membership: +500 members (>95%) 23-10-2014 13

  14. Democratic processes; the Dutch way Job description First advisor and responsible officer for the parliamentary bodies Co-signing of parliamentary/council decisions and local legislation Head of Office (+600 on national level; 2-25 on local level) Executive Director of the administrative process of the body Juridical and technical advisor of the Representatives Process coordination Issue based advisory on non political bases Advocacy of the interests of the parliamentary body/council Services to the Council and its members Responsible for transparency and access to Public information Responsible for the handling of integrity issues Responsible for Citizen participation and handling of Citizen Initiatives Secretary of the Result and Elected Acceptance Committee Secretary of the Investigation Committee Secretary of the Mayor Recommendation Committee 23-10-2014 14

  15. The Rotterdam perspective Introduction to Rotterdam World Port World City • Mainport for Europe • One of 10 biggest Ports in the World • Main Cargo Port for China • >25 miles length of river delta harbours • 612.000 citizens • 161 nationalities • Major safety issues • Divided city: Social, Physical and Political • Starting point of a new right winged political movement • Break through City • “Amsterdam talks about it; Rotterdam does it”

  16. The Rotterdam perspective Local Government in Rotterdam City of Rotterdam Total budget of 4.4 billion Euro’s Administration and public services of 13.000 co-workers 14 Boroughs of Rotterdam 1 City Council; 14 Borough Councils 1 City Board; 14 Borough Boards 350 Board and Council members City Board of Mayor and 8 Alderman Alderman appointed by City Council in 2010 New Mayor selected and appointed in 2008 First Moroccan Mayor in The Netherlands 23-10-2014 16

  17. The Rotterdam perspective City Council of Rotterdam City Council of 45 members, 4 years term City Council of 8 parties: Right Wing party ‘Liveable Rotterdam’ Left Wing, social democratic parties SP, PvdA and GreenLeft Christian Democratic parties: CDA and CU-SGP Liberal (Middle) parties: D66 and VVD Tough political arena 23-10-2014 17

  18. The Rotterdam perspective Leadership in Rotterdam Council members City Council: both united and divided Leading in addressing the urgency for new legislation Leading in urging for innovative solutions to society problems Leading in Governance issues Leading in budget planning & defining of results and proposed effects Divided in Ideological debates Council accommodates opinion leaders on safety issues, education and integration Joint effort to enlarge the (legal) possibilities for government to intervene Unique in NL: The Rotterdam Act 23-10-2014 18

  19. The Rotterdam perspective Leading as a Clerk; examples Introduction and start up programs for the new City Council Coaching of new elected and new party leaders Mediation in case of potential Party split up New event: annual conference for +300 Rotterdam Councils members Initiator of the 2010 Council Elections misconduct investigations Initiating a decision making process for a new Citywide Governmental Structure Advocacy for the Councils influence within new Metropolitan Board arrangements Introducing Crowd Sourcing as a new Citizen participation app Initiating and organizing a paperless City Council and Staff 23-10-2014 19

  20. The Rotterdam perspective Being a Clerk of Rotterdam Do’s & Don’ts ‘Every week has a new title’; do not fully plan your activities! Cherry Picking; don’t stick to the ball! Use the space: Council wants a Clerk that uses it Take Council by the hand, but do it invisible Propose by showing that it’s is the best alternative Be proactive and prepared Dual is not Duel; work on relations and on process Be supportive; Citizens do not accept a divided government 23-10-2014 20

  21. What about the Dutch Clerk? Profile of a young profession The Dutch Clerk • Young professional: 0-10 years on the job • 55% > 48 years • 96% bachelor or master; 50% master • 49% experience within the administration • 30% former Alderman or Council member • 42% women, 58% men • 10% in the second job as a Clerk

  22. What about the Dutch Clerk? Leading or bleeding? Since 2002: more than half of the Councils changed their routines Focus on citizen participation Focus on transparency and public access to relevant information Focus on Directing, Control, Supervision and Representation Councils successfully restored their Head of Government position Clerk as initiating leader of innovation and restoration 10% did lead but forget to look behind 23-10-2014 22

  23. What about the Dutch Clerk? The appreciated Clerk; 2011 Councils member Survey Clerks are well appreciated by their political ‘bosses’: 7,6 Clerks add to Democratic process and conduct of Council: 97% Clerks add quality to Local Politics: 83% Most asked competences: Independence and Communication Skills Also wanted: supervision of follow up on agreements and promises Professional development: more theme based advisory 23-10-2014 23

  24. What about the Dutch Clerk? Professional Development Professionalism Program for Clerks 2003: VvG starts a Professionalism Committee 2004: VvG approved Basic Course for (wannabe) Clerks 2005: VvG approved Post Master program for Senior Clerks 2009: VvG approved Top Course for Clerks 2010: VvG membership debate on Professionalism Programming 2011: agreement to set up a Dutch Institute for Municipal Clerks 2012: IIMC certifies Basic Course and Top Course for Clerks towards CMC/MMC 23-10-2014 24

  25. The International perspective Evolution of western Society • Civil Society takes over • Media rules • Democratic conservatism Searching for a new connection • International orientation of Clerks • International exchange & knowledge sharing • International certification of Clerks • IIMC based European federation

  26. Strong Government needs Strong Clerks Q & A debate & discussions

  27. Strong Government needs Strong Clerks: a Dutch perspective Thank you for participating ! Thank you for your attention